Break into the energy system






No surprise if a report from the US warns India of China. The cyberspace company, Recorded Future, has reported the threat to China to the Indian government. The report raised fears that a Chinese cyber group Red Echo could be responsible for the power failure in Mumbai.

Alleging that the Recorded Future has not produced concrete evidence, it has tried to explain through circumstantial evidence that China could be a threat. It is not hidden from anyone that the operation of the power grid network is becoming cyber based.

The Internet program through which the power grid is handled, if a country infiltrates into it, can really disrupt the power system in any country.

The US report has reported that the power system in Mumbai was stalled on October 12, 2020, which could be attributed to Chinese hackers. After this report, the Indian government should seriously investigate this alleged intrusion. It is possible that this investigation is already underway and Indian cyber security experts have found a cure for this technical disaster.

It is indeed a matter of concern if China has been able to infiltrate the Indian power system.

Is it able to do this in India?

According to experts, Russia had made similar incursions into the US power grid, but then American experts also alerted the Russians by making a dent in the Russian power grid.

Alerting India, the report made a clear indication that only the country which has the capability of cyber-denting will succeed in avoiding cyber-dent. India should be fully capable of avoiding such cyber warfare and at the same time the enemies targeting it should also know that they will not survive by making a dent. The enemy wants to fight you with the same weapon in which he considers you weak. We have to see how China will overcome its weakness if we are considering us weak in the case of cyber security.

There is also a question whether America is extra conscious for India these days. There are many aspects of America too, there are many types of institutions, which keep analyzing in their own way. We have to walk on our level thinking of good and bad. There is a lot of geographical distance between China and America, but China is our neighbor. We can neither be overly generous nor overly aggressive! 

We have to maintain social, political, economic and strategic balance.

Not only your electricity system, but your entire system will have to be built around. There should be no scope for any dent at the level of technology. Not only electricity, water supply, but also public service of any kind should not be interrupted in cyber attack. All the developed countries of the world are engaged in strengthening their cyber security, China is particularly active. We must assume that the war in the cyber ground will now continue unabated.

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