Are Marvel Movies Really A Military Propaganda?






Yesterday (March 1) a tweet went viral on Twitter with over 100k+ likes which implied that Marvel movies are a "military propaganda". Military Propaganda means glorifying military in media, which in turn will create admiration of military in audience's mind. Fans were quick to make entertaining jokes about it but I feel like this is a topic that should be talked. 

This is a conversation that has been going on since years and it's really no question that the MCU movies sorrounds military and how it functions. Take for example, 2010's "Captain America" where 2 young men, Steve and Bucky wanted to join military and serve their country. Similar story in 2019's "Captain Marvel" where two young women, Carol and Maria wanted to join Air Force. Tony Stark, and his father Howard Stark, who literally work close with Pentagon and called themselves "Protectors of the Nation" as they made war weapons. 

I feel like calling MCU movies "military propaganda" is a little unnecessary considering how all marvel movies have shown the main character destroying or exposing the corrupt ways of military organizations and governments. Like in "Captain Marvel", we see that the government was covering up "billion-dollar mistake" as they had buried down Carol's accident in the test flying along with Wendy Lawson or Mar-Vell. In 2008's “Iron Man” as well, Tony realises how his weapons are being used in terrorist acts and he tries to expose these doings. It's actually quite common to see in marvel movies that a character finds out some corrupt actions of government and tries to expose them. So calling this "Military Propaganda" is too much, "United States Glorification" is the term I would prefer instead. 

As a long time foreign Marvel fan, it's actually goes unnoticed how American-centric these movies are; and not just centric, but the amount of glorification of United States being a country of loyal and smart heroes. I think this will be explained through examples better. Consider Black Widow, who once used to serve Russian Government and was on the "wrong side of the war" but when she came to US and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. she became an honorary soldier. Also, in 2010's "Iron Man 2", Ivan Vanko who was also Russian and wanted to ruthlessly murder the patriotic and America's favorite hero- Iron Man. Similar situation is with Wanda Maximoff, better known as Scarlet Witch, was once called a terrorist but when she came to America, she joined the "good guys" and became an Avenger. 

I believe the term "Military Propaganda" implies that whoever watches Marvel Movies wants to join military, which is not true.....because if it was I wouldn't be here writing this piece. Favouring a little in the above tweet, it is true that military is involved in these movies way too much; but then again, everything around us is funded by military too. I don't think anyone will be able to dismantle the system of military because it goes way too deep. War and violence is a concept engraved in society which can't be unrooted. However, pointing it out just on some incredible stories of fictional characters, who do inspire real lives, is a little odd to me. In conclusion, I think US Centric/Propaganda would be better term to call it. 

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