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We are planning to visit Bali during next vacation. Bali, Indonesia’s may be a world-famous island, is found on the west of Java within the Lesser Sunda Islands. it's world-famous for its gorgeous beaches, holidaymaker destinations, out of doors activities, reasonable looking destinations, spas and night parties.

Bali is one among the favorite destinations for many individuals round the world owing to its lovely beaches, fascinating religious energy, rice terraced and exotic sunsets. you may expertise an entire new wizardly expertise from “God’s island” Bali

With its ancient temples, AN endless coastlines with nice beaches, a number of the world’s best coral reefs, lovely waterfalls, Bali has several places to go to and knowledge the natural beauty.


The Water blow beach is set behind the Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Resort. you'll be able to simply reach here by taking the sealed pathway from the south of dual island. the placement itself is extremely famed, you won’t notice it troublesome to identify the Water blow beach.

The beach is extremely famed among the young travelers because it is taken into account because the best place for lovers and recently married couples. The read and also the atmosphere at the beach is gorgeous and it'll not allow you to forget the time spent on the beach.

The beach is found at the drop facet with the Indian Ocean smashing the beach with its robust waves. The beach facet is formed of a rock drop and it's terribly sharp and might simply injure your feet. At the drop facet, AN elated deck is formed enclosed with iron grills to prevent guests from going into the ocean.

Along with the iron, railing beaches also are places to sit down and luxuriate in the read. it's an ideal place to require photos, because the ocean keeps smashing robust waves with the drop and also the water lifts up into the air creating it good to require sensible photos.


Though the beaches in Bali have unequaled charm & natural beauty, Pandawa beach will be thought of because the most lovely among them. The beach and its close is untouched and is in a very state of nature. Beach isn't abundant developed except a number of the resorts and villas engineered on the drop.

As you come back on the beach crossing the rock cliffs you may see a spellbinding clear read of the blue Indian Ocean. The read from the beach is spellbinding and unequaled from the other beach in Bali.

On a sunny day, you may get fine white sand, clear blue, sparkling blue water with frothy surf at the beach, that build it the foremost spellbinding read you'll be able to see on any beach in Bali. Once you are doing get right down to the beach, the rock cliffs produce AN undisturbed and wizardly feel.

The sand at the beach is finely rough-textured and soft, that makes the beach good to require a walk or play on the beach. The beach is typically unbroken clean and also the calm atmosphere of the beach can assist you to forget the outer world and luxuriate in your vacation at the beach.

The beach is still in use by some locals to farm seaweed at and you can easily see some seaweed patches and the locals working there. If you want to see the seaweed or want to know how it’s farm you can go to these patches and can see it by yourself.


The central strip of Sanur Beach is Pantai Segara Ayu, that is roofed by reef and offers ideal swimming conditions. At the northern finish of the beach, you may realize locals crowd on weekends. could industrial wood boat are often seen taking passengers from Pantai Segara Ayu to Lembongan island.

Some of the favored ocean activities you'll do at the beach area unit diving, ocean kayaking, kitesurfing, kite flying and sport. you'll take most of the gear on rent at reasonable costs on beach itself. At the southward of Pantai Segara, you may realize cleaner beaches maintained by solid ground hotels and resorts. The waves area unit calm enough for swimming and at some section of beach, building run daybeds & gazebos area unit offered.

There area unit lots of eating and looking choices offered on the beach. The beach is known for its spectacular sunrise scenes, one will see on clear moring – the define of Mount Agung and Nusa Penida island on the way horizon.if you're searching for a quiet beach spot, Pantai Karang is that the best option for you. The beach is slender in size however you may realize several stunning beach scene and native eating choices at beach. Surfers get pleasure from paddling bent reef breaks that stretched to the remaining 4-km stretch of Sanur Beach from Pantai Karang.

By walking any towards the south you may realize Semawang Beach, Cemara Beach, and Prama Sanur Beach. Sanur beach may be a nice destination to go to in Bali, wherever several beaches, temples, looking locations, clubs & nightlife hotspots area unit offered. to assist you out here we have a tendency to go with the list of best beaches to go to in Sanur beaches throughout your vacation in Bali.


Legian may be a little beach settled on the geographical area of Bali and is within the middle of each beaches Kuta and Seminyak. The beach isn't terribly massive in size however offers some smart choices to relax and luxuriate in on the beach. Legian beach may be a mixture of each the Seminyak and Kuta beaches. The beach is ideal if you would like to not be stuck in associate degree overcrowded space and wish to get pleasure from beach aspect activities in conjunction with smart food and looking expertise.

The Beach has several smart hotels and restaurants that area unit settled either on the beach aspect or area unit close to from the beach. If you would like you'll realize some smart hotels within the space to remain at a reasonable worth. With options like Seminyak and Kuta beach however at comparable less value.

The Legian beach is nice to perform beach aspect activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing in conjunction with becha sports. you may realize several beachside stores WHO provide surfboards on rent to tourists and conjointly offer trainers to guide you ways to surf. Waves at the beach area unit good for any beginner to be told surf riding.

You can conjointly get pleasure from swimming at the beach, the beach has clear water and offers smart conditions for swimming and watersports activities. you'll realize some smart area on the beach to require a sunbath otherwise you may rent beach chairs to relax and luxuriate in on the beach aspect.

If you're a celebration person and like to do parties and symptom then you may realize the beach a good place for you. The Legian beach is known for its parties and nightlife, you may simply realize a number of the most effective pubs and clubs to get pleasure from at. There area unit several pubs and clubs at the beach to get pleasure from your night at.

The Legian beach conjointly has one among the most effective looking experiences in Bali. The retailers on street markets area unit commercialism everything from the newest designer swimwear to authentic Bali souvenirs. The streets area unit choked with luxury boutiques, designer brands and retailers commercialism ancient Bahasa and souvenirs.

The beach is found between 2 of Bali’s most far-famed beaches Kuta and Seminyak and includes a mixed expertise of each beaches. Legian beach is right for partying, shopping, swimming and leisurely walk on store & eating place lined streets.

Kuta Beach


Most tourists WHO visit Kuta Beach normally do swimming, surfing, sunbath and looking. native cafes and restaurants area unit a decent place to country on Kuta Beach. Kuta the white sand beach is right for swimming and sunbathing and other people are often seen here taking sunbath and enjoying swimming. Kuta Beach is right for seeing the sunset, The beach has five metric linear unit long outline and may be thought of because the best outline in Bali.

The beach has fine white sand texture and exquisite read that create it a favorite spot among the international as we have a tendency to the native traveler. due to its in depth quality among the guests the beach usually remains overcrowded & busy each time. The beach includes a rush of traveler and native vendors on the beach, WHO are often seen commercialism totally different merchandise to guests each time.

Git Git waterfall

At the bottom of the body of water there square measure dynamical facilities and bathrooms obtainable. You won’t notice any locker here to safekeep your things. There square measure some seating areas besides the body of water, wherever you'll keep your things however you've got to stay an eye fixed on your belongings.

You can swim right up to the intensity of the falls. Or if you’re trying to sit back during a a lot of quiet space, you'll head back a bit from Gitgit body of water and relax within the pools at rock bottom of the rocks.

Sekumpul water fall

Sekumpul body of water is found within the Sekumpul village of Sravana sub-district. The body of water is known as when the native village named Sekumpul, which implies a gaggle or assortment within the native language. The body of water is settled at the aspect of a high formation that separates the most water flow into seven totally {different|completely different} waterfalls with different height and water flow.

The body of water is concerning eighty meters tall that build it the tallest body of water in island. to achieve to the body of water one needs to bear the rain forest. Access to body of water wasn't allowed for the outsider in past it had been solely opened for holidaymaker some years back.

However, the place gained a great deal of recognition among the tourists terribly} very short amount. you'll get spellbound by the read and natural great thing about body of water and its surroundings. The trek to the situation offers some superb views of the woodland crammed with low and cocoa trees.


The temple is split into three main divisions that square measure the front, secondary and inner curtilage. As shortly you enter the temple you'll lager Bahasa Gate is thought as Candi Bentar and opens within the outer curtilage of the temple. the world of the temple is thought as Jaba Pura.

At the tip of the curtilage, another gate Candi Bentar is constructed that ends up in the central curtilage of the temple. At the second Candi Bentar, 2 statues of dwarpals are often seen guarding the gate.

Entering the inner curtilage you'll attain the most space of the temple known as Jaba Tengah. that could be a massive pool crammed with crystal clear water during which water comes from the thirty waterspouts.

The native Hindus idolized the temple and believe the temple has holy powers and by taking bathtub in holy pools one’s sins dissolve. Worshipers starts improvement themself from the left aspect of the pool.

They have to scrub themself below every waterspout to finish the method of cleansing. Behind the purification, pools square measure the ultimate section of the Tirta Empul H2O Temple, that known as as Jeroan.

Inner curtilage of the temple Jeroan could be a good place to meditate and relax folks are available in this section to wish and perform rituals. an oversized clear water fish lake during this section of the curtilage. when the lake, an oversized Hindu Shrine is there.

The shrine is fantastically adorned with vibrant starched garments and baskets with offerings which individuals take World Health Organization come back here to wish. The temple is devoted to Vishnu, the Hindu god. The temple conjointly has Shirring of Shiva and Brahma within the Tirta Empul Temple.


The temple is found on the slope of the Mount Lempuyang that is concerning 600m higher than water level.

Mount Lempuyang is that the most sacred mountain of island because the nice temple Lempuyang Temple is settled on this mountain. This temple is that the highest of the order of the unhappy KAHYANGAN.

Let us decide to visit island throughout next vacation…………………………..

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