Traveling: the Unique & Joyous Exploration






My heart and mind at the same time comes up with a question one day when I saw a traveller, why a person should travel? And to find an answer, I haven't asked anyone but I chose to travel so that my experiences can give me an exact answer. So my travel diaries starts with this small question. I have decided to travel my nearby natural places and I really had an awesome trip which was a much more than my tiny question. A solo trip gave me so many answers that my heart urges for more, not for the answers but for a self fulfillment peace and harmony. 

Travelling as the best and awesome thing each person has to do if he/she can. Not for the world tour I am asking to do but at least start your journey from a very small place. Travelling makes a person awesome and I really felt it. A person can learn from experiences more than a knowledge he/she has. Experiences leads a person to decide the next step what's right & wrong. And travel experience is something like that. It will turn your experiences into exploration, it will make you curious to know more about the world making your heart joyous and peaceful. Traveling makes you confident, will built your self esteem, you can know the variations in people and nature. Learning along with exploration is the best therapy one can get, knowing & gathering experience about so many things at the same time. Many unknown facts can be known. You will learn to adjust most significantly. One can get to know the miseries and happiness of various people in different corners of the world, different lifestyles that people leads, different knowledge and much more. In one planet, so many variations exist, isn't it exciting and interesting to know? Of course yes and travelling can help you to know about all these.

Not only people, but you can feel the beauty of this world. You will be amazed to know that God has given so many unique gifts to this universe. To know all these definitely one's soul will fill up with immense and infinite joy & relief. And I consider Travelling as the best medicine too. If a person is in great dilemma or going through pain & sufferings, travelling helps as a healer. Nature is a great source of healing so traveling does. In happiness or sadness, in a good or bad time, in celebration or oblivion, travelling is the best exploration one can have.

Come on just cheer up and heal your soul to give it the infinite laughters and solace that it deserves. 

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