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Japan is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world and it’s only obvious that Japan attracts millions of international tourists every year. Japan is an extraordinary country with unique attractions which cater to individuals with their different tastes. For a lot of people visiting the country with busy stations and language barriers, tourists may struggle finding their way around the country. So just for your comfort, I have compiled some very important tips before you travel to Japan so you can make the most of your trip!


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As you arrive at the Narita Airport, you will probably have a lot of luggage. So, it would be best to drop all the large luggage at the airport’s convenient luggage delivery counters. These reliable and great services providers will ship your luggage to hotels, airports, private residencies and even more places. You will just have to fill in their form and write your address you want your luggage to be delivered to and enjoy your travel bag-free.


One of the very first things people wish to figure out upon arriving in a foreign country is how to get connected to the internet. Two ways I would recommend for you is to get a domestic data sim for your smartphone or get a portable wi-fi router so internet can be easily shared among your travel group. You can find both of these at the data services shops at the airport itself.


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If you are planning to travel between several big cities like Osaka, Tokyo or even further, JR Pass will definitely comes in handy as it is super convenient. You can have unlimited use of JR trains for 1-3 weeks and get free seat reservations. You can also get discounts at JR affiliated hotels. However, if you are only planning to visit only one city and travel only there, I suggest you skip the process of getting this pass as it won’t be worth it.


Get the currency converted into Yen in your home country. It’s for your own convenience as if you do the conversion in your home country, you are more likely to shop around, do some research and as a result you’ll have the currency converted in reasonable prices, However in Japan, you may not get much time and there’s a huge chance you might end up losing some money as you will be forced to exchange currency from whatever shop you can find.


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Japan is one of the cleanest countries. Streets, sidewalks, subways, parks; they are all spotless! However there aren’t many garbage cans around so make sure you put your wrappers or anything that needs to be thrown in a separate plastic bag so you can dispose it all later in the trash can. Also, don’t forget to carry a hand sanitizer with yourself.


Japanese people often say that foreigners are very noise on public transport so make sure you are respectful and polite. In Japan, it is impolite to answer a phone call in public transport or listening to the music on loud volume in public place. Also, do not tip any waiter as it is considered rude. Even if you do tip, you will find yourself being chased around by a waiter with them thinking you left your change by mistake.

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Lastly, all schedules must be booked, reserved and paid BEFORE you arrive in Japan. Getting tickets for a show and standing in line to get reservations at a hotel for dinner will only waste your time so get done with all of that work beforehand!

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