Top 4 East-Asian Countries You Must Visit!






We all had several things planned for 2020 but all of it came to a halt due to COVID-19. As restrictions start to slow down and effective vaccines are being manufactured, now is the best time to plan some international trips. Here I have compiled some East-Asian countries you can travel to as these countries have a very rich culture you can explore and will surely give you beautiful memories to share among your friends.

1. South Korea

South Korea has often gotten overlooked due to immense popularity of China, North Korea and Japan. Thanks to sudden rise of K-Media and Korean cosmetics, people are starting to eye this small nation to visit. Even though this country is very small, when you're traveling there it actually feels much bigger than it is due to its rich culture, cuisine and tourist spots. Food is one of the most serious business in the country. Dining requires etiquettes which might seem quite odd to foreigners but korean netizens follow it strictly. For example: you can't pour yourself a drink, the person accompanying you must pour it for you and you should pour it for them. South Korea is quite traditional but it's also very futuristic, so it feels like a mix of both past and future. I think the best time to visit South Korea would be in April as it's the best time to experience cherry blossoms. 

2. Japan

The thing about Japan that stood out to me the most was how clean Japan is. Streets, sidewalks, subways, parks; they are all spotless and there aren't even many garbage cans. People just keep their trash in their bags or pockets and dispose them later at home or when they see a garbage can. Japan is also very safe and a friendly place. When you ride a bus, the guard always bow to you as a form of greeting and in subways, people offer their seats willingly to someone else who might need it more than them. Some hotels even provide mobile phones with stable internet connectivity and guide you well on what restaurants or malls to visit. Going to Japan will definitely leave you content and with beautiful memories.

3. Thailand

Thailand offers everything a tourist desires, from cuisine to beautiful sceneries. Each city in Thailand is different from each other. Bangkok- the base place for arrivals and departures. You can stay here for 2-3 days and visit temples, try out variety of thai food, shopping in local markets, and enjoy stunning views of city at nighttime from sky lounges. 

4. China

I won't be exaggerating if I said that China is like New York of asia. There are countless people everywhere, and every city is loud. Also, there are cities which you might have never even heard about but they're all definitely pleasant to travel. Most transport is electronic. Every corner of the country had CCTV cameras, whether it be a park or a subway or just street corners. Another thing you might need to consider is bringing a translator along with you as no one in china speaks english, only mandarin; which is understandable since the country is self-reliant. Traveling here is not at all expensive, trains run on time and transport is very systematic and planned. People are also very friendly so expect some smiles if you look into someone eye to eye. 

Some common tips before you travel any of the above mentioned countries; 

1. Book flight tickets 60-90 days prior to flight date as it's more cheaper that way.

2. Incase your passport gets misplaced, have some copies of your passport beforehand and don't forget to leave a photocopy with someone you trust in your home country.

3. Buy tickets for places you know you want to visit beforehand so you won't have to stand in long lines to get tickets. Also, research events like festivals or natural happenings there so you can experience fun as much as you can. 

4. Get guidebooks to help you with map of the destination, keywords and phrases so you won't need to purchase pamphlets at venues. If possible, bring a translator along with you. 

5. Always bring some handy snacks in your bag as finding a shop when you're out visiting can be quite a handful. 

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