Planning Next RV Trip: Leave These Things at Home






Before getting started, understand what is Vanlife?

Van Life isn’t a new idea; it is just a simple modern-day iteration of a concept that’s as old as humankind. This concept has been around since the 1960’s started by hippies who started living out of their vehicles. Although it is often looked down upon, and this off-grid mobile living is slowly making its way to becoming a norm.

VanLife nowadays is characterized by a lifestyle living in a van or car, truck either part-time or full-time. Many people convert their vehicles into tiny beautiful living spaces by adding amenities like beds, water, refrigerators, portable toilets, showers, and snack facilities.

Living this digital nomad lifestyle gives you freedom that you could only dream of. It gives many people the ability to take control and spend life as their own boss, doing the things that bring happiness, love, laughter, and joy without having to deal with a demanding career, paying electricity bills monthly, and constantly feeling under pressure.

With the freedom Van Life has, you’re able to fulfill your dreams and desires while traveling the world stress-free.

Moreover, the Van Life experience gives you the capability of being able to do what you want, how you want, and when you want. You no longer have to go through the daily headache of worrying about all stresses of your routine life. Become a van dweller because the only barrier to aspiration is your imagination.

As you are going to be on a holiday to spend some Vanlife experiences, you may be thinking that you don’t need to keep the things since you have shorter space and weight isn’t a big issue. Well, it’s true that you have more freedom to bring things that you want, but that doesn’t mean you should dump everything on your eco-friendly van life moment.

Many people bring out the things that are essential. Otherwise, might be RV will be too cluttered and it would defeat the purpose of you having a tension-free, and relaxing trip.

Kitchen Appliances

It may not sound good but bringing iron, kitchen appliance or your rice steamer along because they'll make cooking on the road easier. But come to consider it, you'll more likely to finish up with more work because you will be cleaning your kitchen stove and platform afterward! It is always good to plan meals in advance so that you will get to know which appliances you will truly need for the kitchen during the trip. For food keep the dishes, pots, and pans to a minimum. One plate for each person and a few small silver pieces are enough.

It’s wise to plan your meals ahead, aiming for food recipes that will not require full kitchen equipment. You do not want to spend hours in your trailer kitchen preparing a meal for yourself and your partner! A few plates, some silverware, 1 pot, and 1 pan should suffice for your trip!

Fresh Water

Unless you’re on the road, you probably don’t need to carry hundreds of gallons of water around. Keeps a small amount of water in the tanks to stop things clogging up. You will get fresh water at several camping grounds. Once you’re on them, dump gray water frequently. This fills up much faster than black water tanks and it can be really a drag on your RV trip.


Keep in mind that you have planned this RV trip to get some chill, relaxation and take a break from your daily life. Bringing video games, Kindle books and iPads and other electronics will take away from the purpose of your vacation.

You can surely bring your cellphone for emergency calls to your family and beloved ones and for taking pictures, but as much as possible avoid using electronics during your eco-friendly Van Life Trip. During downtimes, look for some fantastic, fun-loving ways to engage yourself or with your maters without taking an advantage of technology have deep conversations, play indoor games, or sing and dance along to some music.

To keep yourself entertained during the road journey, bring a novel or book of your choice or a journal to write your Off-Grid Mobile living experiences in.


Firewood is a lot heavy in weight and takes plenty of space in the Van, so it’s good to leave this at home. You might think that firewood is expensive when you have purchased it from the store, but end up your thoughts here, by thinking about the cost of the gas you are going to save lugging it around.

However, you will find most campgrounds will not allow bringing your own firewood, as it may introduce foreign insects to the camping ground that may disturb the environment's natural ecosystem.

Excessive Canned Foods

Disadvantages of canned foods include they are high in sodium, high in sugar, and fewer nutrients. If you have planned a short trip around your state or city or if your vacation is in a secluded area, you seriously not eat them during the emergencies you’re tempted to hoard in your Van Life. We suggest planning your meals ahead of time and make sure you have all the raw ingredients you need, rather than stocking up on heaps of canned food cans that you will never get rid of.

So, during the next time of your RV adventure, remember you have limited space, leave these things at your home and just focus on the relaxation time and have more fun! Because Van Life is very startling, exciting, and unpredictable. You’re going to wake up every day with a different view beyond your front door. You never know what challenges or adventures are waiting for you during the journey! Every day is different, that’s what makes off-grid mobile living intriguingly exciting! An RV trip is a good chance to escape from everyday life. Don’t complicate and clutter your getaway van, truck, or bus by packing things that you don’t need.

Stay updated on more articles on eco friendly Van Life adventure!

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