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What is the best thing about travelling?

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself. Everyday's travelling brings a new set of  opportunities.
And if it is travelling to Meghalaya, it means cherry on cake.🤭

Meghalaya  is also known as "Abode of Clouds" in Sanskrit. It  is one of the seven Northeastern states of India. It is famous for its high rainfall, subtropical forests and biodiversity .😊

Meghalaya is one of the Seven sister state of northeast India. The state of Meghalaya is mountainous, with stretches of valley and highland plateaus, and it is geologically rich. It consists mainly of Archan rock formations. The highest point in Meghalaya is Shillong Peak, which is a prominent IAF station in the Khasi Hills overlooking the city of Shillong. It has an altitude of 1961 m. 

Top tourist attraction of Meghalaya

1. Nohkalikai Waterfall

This fall is located at cherapunji. This is one of the main tourist attraction in Cherapunji. There are several falls in that mountain but there is Nohkalikai waterfall among them which is the largest and most noticeable. The problem with this place is that it is usually covered with the famous clouds of Cherapunji so you might not get to see it whenever you visit. The falls makes a free leap from the well forested drainage into a rocky base with a blue pool and with an approx. height of about 1100 feets is something quite tall .I must say and i guess its one of the tallest falls in entire India.This is the Nohkalikai falls in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya. 

2. Double Decker living Root Bridge

Double Decker living Root Bridge is one of the most beautiful and must visit place of Meghalaya. View from this place is breathtaking throughout. Make sure you are wearing comfy clothes and shoes as there is ton of walking to do. Its good to carry your water bottles even though there are 1-2 small shops in between from where you can buy water, soft drinks and little snacks to eat. The double decker root bridge is some what a must visit if you are traveling to Meghalaya, but if you cannot trek 7000 steps you can give this a miss and go to single root bridge in Rivai village near Mawlynnong. 

3. Umiam lake

This lake is one of the greatest attraction of Meghalaya. It comes on the way to Shillong from Guwahati. It is spread over a large area amidst hills of different sizes in a very calm and quiet condition.This is the main water resource of the area and is also known as Barapani. Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this lake.

4. Elephant Falls

The popularity of Meghalaya is largely attributed to the numerous astonishing waterfalls it is blessed with. One of the most popular ones among these waterfalls is Elephant Falls. It is a 3-tiered waterfall situated in the middle of a refreshing lush green forest. 

Do not think that there are just above mentioned  places to visit in Meghalaya.

But the truth is, that there are so much places more...... This list is endless.

What to buy from Meghalaya?

If you are in Meghalaya and you want to shop something, but you are confused about what to buy?
Then don't worry at all.

Here is a list of few things which you will definitely buy from this state.

1. Tribal art

2. Showpiece

3. Lampshade

4. Turmeric and cashew

5. Jute related items 

6. Traditional dresses

We cannot roam the entire world by sitting in a 4 by 4 room. If we want to explore more things then we have to come out of that room only then you can experience how beautiful the outside world is!!😄

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