How to Get from Rome to Positano






Interested in how to get from Rome to Positano? You are in the right place! Here you can find many details about your transfer and decide which way is suitable for your needs. The colorful houses of Positano are worth your visit, so if you are already in Italy and looking for a personalized Car service from Rome to Positano, just hurry up to read this blog. The dramatic cliffs of Positano will remain in your heart forever. However, it can be tricky enough to reach Positano from Rome or Naples. You might need to opt for numerous types of transportation in order to reach your holiday resort city in the best possible way. Though Positano is just 75 minutes away from Rome if you reach there by car, it can take you for more than four hours if you choose public transportation.

Though you need to face some challenges while getting to Positano, it is really worth your effort and time. Below you will find a perfect list of different ways so that you can get to Positano from Rome as easily as possible.

·   From Rome to Positano by Bus

Buses are a great transportation means if you look for speed and comfort. The best thing is that taking a bus is a cheaper option to get to your destination than choosing trains or ferries. There are direct buses to Positano as well. They leave from the Rome Tiburtina train station one time each day at 7am. You can be sure to enjoy the panoramic views of the coast through the huge windows if you choose this bus service. It’s because the AutolineeMarozzi buses are convenient enough and you will not only enjoy the views but also comfy seats, air-conditioning, and the overall comfort.

Near Naples, the bus stops for 15 minutes. So this means that you can have a rest some time, drink water, coffee, stretch your legs and just get ready to the final part of your trip. In general, it will take you four hours to reach Positano but it will take you one more hour in summer because of the traffic. Also, note that the buses always fill up fast, so try to book a ticket beforehand to make sure you have your seat.

·· From Rome to Positano by Train and Bus

In order to make your way from Rome to Positano, you need to change your transport for many times because there are not direct trains. However, you can benefit from this because you will admire stunning views along the route.

To get a train to the Naples Stazione Centrale railway station, start your tour at Roma Termini railway station. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, the Frecciarossa and Italo high-speed trains will take care of your transportation needs.

Once you arrive in Naples, you need to turn to the regional Circumvesuviana train and the next destination will be Sorrento. For this train, no reservation is needed. Also, note that tickets are quite affordable because there is no air-conditioning and little space to place your luggage.

We offer you another better option called Campania Express Train. However, it runs from March to October. With a lot of luggage storage, air-conditioned space and comfort, his train is a good choice. We also offer you to go to the SITA bus stop once you reach Sorrento. However, no seats are guaranteed but if you have a chance to choose your seat then choose the right side of the bus to enjoy the stunning Mediterraneanwaters.

·  From Rome to Positano by Car

Hiring a private car service is another perfect option. Perhaps, this is the most ideal solution that can make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. Are you passionate about traveling? Would you like to explore many more places? Is Positano in your bucket list? Make the best out of your experience and let Naples Driver Guide take care of your transfer and comfort. This professional team offers you the best ever Car service from Naples to Positano and makes sure you will spend an enjoyable time in Italy. Rely on this company and you will have a great chance to visit not only Positano but also amazing places including Pompeii, Amalfi coast, Mount Vasuvius and more. The professionalism of this company will leave you stunned and you will have an enjoyable trip.

If you need a Car service from Naples to Positano you can put your trust in Naples Travel Guide. Your trip will be planned from beginning to end and the professional drivers will do their best to meet your demands. You will have a fantastic experience in Positano and enjoy the whole drive. As a first-time traveler, you can rest assured that your trip will leave much impact on you and everything will be so incredible. This Car service from Naples to Positano is also very affordable and you will hardly find such reasonable prices anywhere else. You will enjoy a stress-free transfer service and travel in a very convenient vehicle.

If you haven’t been to Italy before then get ready to have an incredible experience with Naples Driver Guide. Offering you a bespoke Car service from Rome to Positano, the staff of this agency will do everything so you will have the best time in your life. Positano is a dazzling, colorful, and unique town that stands out to its unique beauty. What you will see and feel in Positano, no other place can offer it.

As you see, a car service is a much more comfortable and easier option than another solution. Hiring a driver for reaching Positano is also a wonderful way to do some learning and have a whole of leisure time. The driver will provide you with many details along the way so you can gain a lot of knowledge about Positano. Simply choose this Car service from Rome to Positano and be sure you will get the best value for your money and have a desire to come back for more tours.

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