Enjoy an Unforgettable Desert Safari in Dubai






Evening Desert Safari in Dubai is a combination of cultural entertainment, adventure, and luxurious banquet under the stars. The highlight of this tour is an exhilarating adrenaline Pumping 4x4 vehicle, deep in the cool desert sands. An unforgettable experience of a lifetime

An awesome desert safari Dubai gives you a chance to enjoy a ride on a Dune Buggy. A Dune Buggy is operated by remote control and is used for a comfortable and safe to drive in the desert safari in Dubai. It is a great adventure to take with your friends or family. During the drive you can stop for a desert safari photography opportunity. Photographers will be in awe of this amazing landscape and the majestic view across the clear desert moon.

For your desert safari in Dubai, take the Dubai Shikara. These are the most comfortable and luxurious vans in the industry. They are diesel-powered with a choice of interior fabric and leather seating. The interior of these vans is equipped with all the modern amenities such as flat-panel TV, mini-refrigerator, hairdryers, etc. Also, the interior lighting of these vans is sufficient for an amazing desert safari in Dubai.

The ride on a hot air balloon is another attraction on a desert safari in Dubai. This is the preferred way for tourists to get a feel of the spectacular scenery and the desert wildlife in Dubai. The trip on a hot air balloon starts at dawn and can go on for several hours. You can also get a taste of adventure during this exciting flight. The trip goes through the mountains and passes through a desert on your way to the city. While cruising slowly on the hot air balloon, the beauty of the desert can be seen from all sides.

Another top attraction on a desert safari in Dubai is the ride on the Al Hajar Mountains. The Al Hajar Mountains is considered as the most beautiful place to trek through the desert. It starts with a ride over the valley of melts where water pools in the valleys below. A climb up to the tenth level brings you to the world's highest waterfalls - the Canyon of Silurian. This part of the desert is believed to be the home to fossils and Pre-historic animals.

The desert safari in Dubai also gives tourists a chance to ride on the hot air balloons. This is the preferred means of transportation for a glimpse of the desert landscapes. The journey takes about an hour and half. Once you reach the summit, you can enjoy a camel ride down the rocky slope and take in the view of the lowlands.

The ultimate desert experience is the desert safari in Dubai. This will give you an opportunity to see some of the world's rarest species of flora and fauna. Most visitors are advised to take with them an expert guide because the trip to the Desert National Park is for those adventurous souls only.

The ride takes passengers on a nine-orbit charter jet which circles the Arabian Desert four times. At the end of this journey, you will be able to stand at the sand dune and take in the magnificent vistas. Upon reaching the base of the dune, you will be able to enjoy a delicious desert feast.

The tour operator will help you determine the right driving route. The desert route is ideal for visitors who prefer to drive and do not need a guide. However, there are other tours that are not as open-ended and include several stops where travelers can sit down and relax.

The best time to travel to the world's most southern destination is between May and September. The weather is perfect for a safari during this time. The drive on sandy roads will give participants the thrill of seeing sand dunes and palm trees with the landscape of the Empty Arm Desert all around. One must not miss the camel ride. Located on the left coast, the camel ride provides the best view of the Arabian Desert.

For a one-of-a-kind experience, the desert tour in Dubai is a must. With its unique setting, guests have the opportunity to see a different side of life in one of the most modern cities in the world. With the right planning, a comfortable and enjoyable vacation can be achieved.

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