6 Places in New York that are a must visit for every tourist!






New York City is one of THE most renowned places in the whole world. You must have heard the phrase "Once you experience New York, no other place seems good enough" and it is true. New York is truly a wonderful landmark, a city where no one sleeps. It's beautiful skyline and stunning views, multi-cultural neighborhood and that feeling of "I am alive" is one of the reasons why New York has a special place in a lot of people's heart. Here, I have compiled 6 places that you MUST visit on your trip to New York!

Rockefeller Center

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Rockefeller Center is a complex of 19 buildings. Top of the Rock gives you 360° views of stellar views of New York City from its 70th floor. Central park, Statue of Liberty, Hudson River and many more can be experienced from the terrace. You can also book tickets to witness the breathtaking sunset and sunrise Inside the building you can see a huge shining crystal chandelier, an experience like no other. Locals and tourists alike, they both love to spend their days here. Shops and variety restaurants are nearby as well. During some festivals or events, the center is decorated with lights and beautiful ornaments that brings out the festive feeling and highlights the beautiful architecture of building.  

Grand Terminal Center

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Also known as Grand Central Terminal, Grand Central, the Terminal and GCT. This is a world famous landmark and transportation hub in Manhattan. There's a unique clock in the middle of the room, which is also a meeting point for New Yorkers, and the clock valued to be approx. $20 million as clock faces are made out of priceless opals. Another highlight of this place is its celestial ceiling, which features the 12 zodiac constellations. The 12 constellations are composed of thousands of gold leaf stars, with some twinkling lights dotting the sky. One thing about this place that really is special is its secret: You can whisper into one arch of entryway and your traveling companion can hear what you’re saying in the other arch — diagonally across from you, 30 feet away. In that area itself, you can also have fine dining and see entertainment, do shopping spree, witness history through architecture, luxury, and more.

Times Square

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Everyone has heard about this place. One of the most common landmarks seen in movies and tourist's first choice. You can spend hours in Times Square shopping, people watching and being amazed by the billboards. Every night from 11:57 pm to midnight, you can witness the world’s largest digital art exhibition. Huge billboards in Times Square are synchronized resulting in three fabulous moments of the same whimsical imagery. You can also attend Broadway shows, go bowling, rooftop bars. Another place I would recommend to visit is Midtown comic store. It's a comic book and toy shop: a very colorful and bright place to visit, will also be fun even if you're not a fan. Also, 'Ripley's Believe it or not'. You can see more than 500 real artifacts and have fun interactive experiences, and twenty themed galleries of strange and fascinating things in this interactive museum. 

Fifth Avenue

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It is also known as Millionaire’s Row. It connects the north and south of Manhattan. It is New York’s most expensive and best shopping street with the world’s most expensive retail spaces. As well as stores, you can find some historic landmarks like St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building and New York’s Public Library. In addition, travelers will also find a number of interesting museums around the area of Central Park such as The Metropolitan, the Frick Collection, and the Museum of the City of New York.

Central Park 

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Central Park is the green side of New York. It's like a picnic space where you can just soak the sun rays and feel the wind coming from the sea. The bridge over the pond, with the Plaza Hotel and skyline as the background views, one of the most classic views of NYC. Sheep Meadow is vast green expanse, a favorite of New Yorkers, who go there to picnic, play Frisbee and soak up the sun. Another beautiful place you'll find there is Belvedere Castle. It is situated high on a hill, this stone castle offers magnificent views of the park and the cityscape. Inside the castle is a visitor’s center and the surrounding terraces offer spectacular vistas. Strawberry fields decorated with flowers and lake; which is the central piece of park, where you can rent rowboats for a glide.

Little Italy

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Little Italy fills every tourist's must-see list—its romantic, gives that old New York atmosphere, it's world famous and known for its authentic pasta dishes, served by the best Italian restaurants. You can also take a stroll on the streets to learn more about the neighborhood's history, its immigrant roots and how much of those roots still exist today. You should also see the Little Italy Street Art Project to see some impressive murals by a group of diverse artists. The initiative offers tours or you can go solo. It also has bars and restaurants which are a great place to chill. Another not to miss place is Soho, a shopping enclave full of boutiques and attention gaining pop-up shops, as well as many street vendors touting designer knockoffs in the form of sunglasses, handbags and scarves. 

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