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Hello everyone! Are you thinking of a quick getaway to an exotic and safe place during the pandemic? If yes, then you are at the right place!

Known for its volcanic mountains, beautiful rice paddy fields, mesmerizing beaches, and coral reefs, Bali is an enchanting island situated in Indonesia. Also known as the island of Gods, the culture of Bali is very much influenced by a different form of Hinduism and this culture is very apparent in all aspects of Balinese life ranging from temples situated at every corner of the island to the daily offerings made to Gods in every home. Bali is a destination that has a bit of paradise to offer every visitor.

 Below I am listing down the five places that you need to visit in Bali. Enjoy reading!

One of the best things about the island of Bali is that wherever you go, you will have thousands of wonderful places and things to explore and see. There are waterfalls, beautiful temples, beaches, rice fields and so many great places to see in Bali.


1. Mother Beisakh Temple

Mother Beisakh temple is situated on the slopes of the Agung volcano and is seen as the Mother Temple of all the temples on the island. It is the largest and the most important temple in Bali and is one of the top favorite destinations for tourists. Even though the temple is a very popular tourist destination, it is one of the most respected pilgrimages for the locals.

2. Jatiluwih rice fields

This rice field is very famous for the unique style of terrace farming practiced over there. This place has also been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. When you visit this place, you will get to know more about the "Subak" irrigation system used by Jatiluwih since the ninth century. Do not forget to carry your camera when you visit this place, because you can really take some really amazing pictures here. Since this rice field is a bit far away from Ubud, you will not find a lot of visitors here. While walking through the terraces, you will witness some truly phenomenal panoramic views that are a treat to your eyes!

3. Temple of Lake Bratan

The Temple of Lake Bratan was built in the seventeenth century and is the second most important temple in Bali, after the Mother Beisakh Temple. This temple is dedicated to Devi Danu, the goddess of water as this temple is located near a lake. This temple was built in the seventeenth century to honor the lake, from where the farmers carried all the water for their paddy fields. 

4. Twin Lakes

The Twin Lakes, Buyan and Tamblingan were formed as a result of a massive volcanic island change that happened over a period of time. If you read more about the origin of these lakes, you will understand that these two lakes were once part of the crater of an active volcano. The environment around the lakes is completely full of dense forests and thick jungles. This is the perfect place to walk,  take a lot of pictures for your Instagram, or even take a fun ride on one of the lakes or both! 

5. Nungnung Waterfall

The Nungnung waterfalls are one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali along with Tegenungan, but much less visited than Tegenungan. The waterfall falls at a height of fifty meters and the noise when arriving there is mesmerizing. You have to climb down five hundred steps for half an hour in the middle of the jungle and this is indeed a thrilling experience that you should not miss.   

6. Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the most exotic locations in Bali. Every day around, thousands of tourists trek up the 1,700-meter summit in the predawn darkness to witness the beautiful sunrise. This active volcano is located in the Kintamani District in Bali's central region and about half an hour's ride from Ubud. The trek to the top of the mountains to watch the sunrise is one of the best activities to do in Bali. Guided trek packages include a picnic breakfast, with eggs cooked by the steam from active volcanoes. If you are interested in trekking, then this experience should not be missed. You should also make sure to wear good quality hiking shoes with grip and it is advisable to wear a few sweaters, as the temperature is cool before sunrise.

7. Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud Monkey Forest is only ten minutes walk from the center in Ubud. It is one of the best places to visit in Bali if you are an animal lover or if you are fond of photography. Also known as the Sacred Monkey Forest, this is symbolical to represent the harmonious coexistence between nature and mankind. This beautiful forest is home to long-tailed macaques as well as to certain rare plants. This is also observed as a location for researching the behavior of macaques, particularly to understand and learn more about their social interaction.                                                                                      

So these are some of my suggestions. Hope you like them!


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