20 Long-distance traveling tips






Are you planning to go for a long-distance trip in your vehicle?

If yes, then you need to keep these few things in mind!

Some of us have resorted to traveling in our vehicles in the midst of this pandemic, fearing to use other modes of transportation. Driving to a place away from your home can be equally exciting and tiring. And there are a few things that you need to do before and while you're traveling so as to ensure a more relaxing and peaceful ride!

Here are a few essential long-distance driving tips. Do enjoy reading! 

20 essential long-distance driving tips

1. Get good sleep

Always make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep, so that you are well rested before you go on a long-distance trip. It is very dangerous to ride without getting a proper amount of sleep as you may feel tired and drained during the journey and can very well sleep off while traveling. So make sure that you are well-rested!

2. Take breaks in between

Pullover and take a break after every couple of hours of driving. This will help you to stay calm and super fresh while you are traveling! Eat some snacks and drink water to replenish your water levels. Also, move your seat backward and stretch your legs. This will ensure that your leg muscles are not strained by continuous hours of driving.

3. Share the wheel

If you do have a companion who knows how to drive, switch positions after a couple of hours when one person feels tired. This way, you would be able to feel much more relaxed.

4. Pullover off-road

Whenever you want to pull over, do it off the road and not at any junctions, jam-packed lanes, or breakdown lanes except in case of emergencies

5. No calls

While you are driving, make sure that you do not make any calls. If you want to make calls or attend some calls, always make sure to pull over. I would not even suggest you to connect your phone to the car via bluetooth because while you are driving, you need to always have your eyes on the road and should be attentive to what you are doing.

6. No drinking

This is pretty self-explanatory. Never drink and drive! 

7. Plan your route

You need to always plan your route, keeping the weather forecast in your mind. This would help you to avoid traffic blocks and save your precious time!

8. Use the web to search traffic updates

Use your GPS device or the web to get traffic updates and try listening to radio traffic alerts if you don’t have a smartphone

9. Get familiarized with your car

If you are driving a rental vehicle, make sure that you get familiarised with the car. If you are accustomed to driving manual cars and have not driven an automatic car in your entire life, and unfortunately, if you get an automatic car as your rental vehicle, then you would feel very uncomfortable! Always make sure to check-in before traveling.

10. Local traffic laws

If you are traveling across to another country, make sure to always know the traffic rules of that particular place to avoid all sorts of confusion.

11. Check your vehicle

Check, double-check, triple-check your vehicle before you set to travel. Make sure that your vehicle is in proper condition and is absolutely ready for the long journey ahead. 

12. Be efficient

Make sure that you efficiently drive your vehicle to conserve the petrol levels. Keep starting and stopping to a minimum and always try to save as much petrol as you can.

13. Fill your tank

Always fill up before the journey and do not wait for it to nearly empty again, before filling it again. Always plan accordingly and make sure that you do not wait till the last moment to power up your vehicle.

14. In case of any emergencies

In case your vehicle breaks down, make sure that you have additional assistance. Take a note of all the workshops on your way, so that you know whom to call in case of any sudden emergencies. Use google as your assistant or even step out and ask the local people living there for help.

15. Have some fun

If you are traveling with kids, make sure to stop at a park on the way or even a beach to chill for some time. Also, have a playlist of all their favorite songs that you can play while you are planning. You can also carry some, easy to carry, travel-friendly. board games so that they can play at the back without feeling bored for the entire journey.



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