Nepotism in Cricket much more Hyped??






In Today’s modern era, a system still persists which has been followed since ages until now called as Nepotism. Nepotism in simple words is just when a person in authority gives jobs to their relatives. It comes from the practice of Mughal & Maratha power as after the death of their father, their elder son being appointed the important or the top positions. It is basically a practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs or atleast advancement from a particular post.

It has been proved that nepotism have resulted in bias in decision-making, unfair treatment and losses to company’s performances in long term. It also makes people demotivated, lack of confidence and alienated. Majorly it hinders competition and innovation among people. Perceived favouritism among the employees or a relative can cause dissatisfaction among workers and lower morale. Employees may have less incentive to perform their responsibilities diligently and proficiently if they feel that the path to promotion is undermined by nepotism.

Talking about nepotism, it is not only held in corporate offices but also in various Hollywood, Bollywood industries and plays a major role in cricket where the hype has been increasing in recent times. There have been so many cricketers around the world, whose children where seen playing for their respective international teams. But however finally it comes to the performance you display and skillsets you show. There are players like Anurag Thakur, Tejasvi Yadav and Udit Patel had no skills at all. They just played cricket for the sake of fun and with the help of their influential fathers. Also players like Anirudha Srikanth, Stuart Binny and Rohan Gavaskar who failed even after their chances due to their influential fathers and uncles. Many of the players like Shaun Marsh, Nick Compton and Doug Bracewell who have good skills and great potential didn’t get selected as their prominent Go-To players for their respective international teams. Only two of the well-known players named Stuart Broad and Shaun Pollock who proved their selection to their respective international teams by putting immense consistent performances.

Also in recent T20 Leagues which are held globally everywhere in their respective countries it has been said that Criticism does take place over their too. But, I would say cricketers in the world are self-made. Luck factor does work in cricket but nepotism does not. Through nepotism people do make it to the team but if not performed just thrown out of the team. And if this would have not been the case then players like Stuart Binny, Rohan Gavaskar would have never been thrown out of the Indian team not for their talent but because of their father’s name. But it is true that the praise which these players receive or the applause which they get is immense even after they perform average. It is good that the players are performing well but that doesn’t mean they should get all the limelight. Here, a bit of Nepotism is seen.

Also some players are selected nowadays because of their favouritism too. Players not performing well but have a lot of first class cricket experienced are also being selected now-a-days. People do say that there are a lot of better players than the ones who are selected but it’s the call of the team management and the Captain of the team. But, I personally feel that every person’s prespective of thinking is different, everyone has their personal points to discuss on, so Nepotism doesn’t come to play if players are selected by the views of management team and the captain himself.

Thanks to God sports is free from nepotism. I wish film industry too becomes free of nepotism so that talented boys and girls get their opportunities to act.

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