Avoid These Mistakes When on Vacation Surfing!






There’s more to know than what known when visiting Nicaragua as it’s one such place having consistent off-shore winds, ideal water temps nearly more than 80 degrees, average surf being shoulder high to overhead and many more. Whether the surfer is looking forward to learning surfing or exploring perfect Nica barrels, surfing Nicaragua doesn’t disappoint and has everything that a surfer wishes to explore. Travel experts who know the country properly admit that the surf sites are really enthusiastic and there’s nothing strange that Nicaragua will be recognized as a prime surf destination in the coming years.

The current merits of surfing in Nicaragua is that most beaches here aren’t crowded and only the most well-known areas can seem somewhat congested. The main surf season for vacation surf camps is from March to September when the greater and more constant south swells show up. These waves can consistently run shoulder to overhead, with few stand-out spots being twice overhead or larger. Intermediate or high-level surfers enjoy the number of barrels on hand, but if the surfer is at a beginner level, there are some great breaks available as well. Mentioned below are some mistakes that should be avoided by beginner surfers:

1. Surf spot selection: Beginner surfers must not select the difficult surf spot in Nicaragua to begin practicing their passion. Instead, they should seek out an easy surf to begin. A smooth, rolling wave with deep water is very convenient since a reef will slow down during the learning process and prevent possible injuries. So while choosing a place to surf, travelers must make sure that it’s not crowded and the waves are not much critical. Both factors will negatively affect their learning process making their early sessions less enjoyable.

2. Lack of fitness: Surfing is a demanding physical activity and therefore, requires enough physical fitness. For the young folks, just surfing may be enough to keep them relaxed and strong, but for middle-aged beginners, a little cross-training and stretching is necessary to make each surf session more fruitful and with less stressful to the knees and back.

3. Staying alone while surfing: Surfing can be quite dangerous, especially for new surfers as currents, surging swells, sharks and jellyfish reactions are just some of the possible dangers that beginner surfers might face if they surf alone. However, it also doesn’t means that beginner surfers need to surf with a group rather one can easily spot that surfing with one or two friends will not only make their surfing experience safer but will also push them to surf better. surfing with friends cultivates healthy competition and enhanced learning.

4. Surfboard selection: This is a major factor that needs consideration. Surfers are often so much influenced by watching the expertise surfers and they suddenly decide to ride high-performance surfboards. However, that can turn out to be a major problem and shorter, thinner boards don’t provide any such control or flotation needed to learn surfing in the right way. In terms of length, 6'10" to 7'2" is a perfect range depending on the size but the board must stay at least one head taller than the surfer.

As the surfer keeps on progressing, these mistakes must be taken care of but regardless of the level of experience, it’s essential to consider these simple facts to experience a healthy and happy surfing experinece. Moreover, other conditions that make surf camps Nicaragua an interesting surf destination is because of the wildlife that can be experienced there. Marine turtles, dolphins, and even whales can be observed while surfing the beaches in Nicaragua.

Traveling in Nicaragua is also a great activity, with many beaches being hidden by tree-covered cliffs developing into stunning bays. However, compared to different countries Nicaragua still stays a rather unexplored and calm surf destination. To sum up, surfing Nicaragua must probably be high on the travelers’ priority list as it’s an amazing incredible surf trip destination and is definitely worth the time and money.

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