Cricket is a lucrative sport. Suppose you are looking to find out which players are making the highest paychecks in cricket. In that case, you should look no further than the Top 10 highest paid cricketers in the world, and unsurprisingly, this list is dominated by Indian Cricketers'.

Some may feel that this list will be too big a plan to be considered, so I have tried to make it as simple as possible. So let's check out the list. I hope you all like it.

#1.Virat Kohli: Kholi shot into limelight with his captaincy in the under nineteen world cup in 2008. Know he has become the Captain of the Indian cricket team after Dhoni retirement. He is the highest-paid cricketer. His yearly Earning is $30 Million.

#2. Shikhar Dhawan: Famous for his strong hitting and fast run-scoring abilities in ODI's. He is the most marketable athlete with annual earnings of $16 Million from Matches.

#3. Rohit Sharma: He is also known as Hitman Sharma because of his hitting ability. He is the only one cricketer who scored three double centuries in ODI. He debuts his international cricket in 2007 against Ireland. His yearly Earning is $12 Million.

#4. M.S. Dhoni: M.S. Dhoni might retire from cricket, but still, I want to add his name to this list because he is still active in cricket and remained the highest-paid Indian cricketer. His yearly Earning is $10 Million.

#5. Ben Stokes: His full name is Benjamin Andrew Strokes, and he is the most skilled and talented player of the England Cricket team. The fun fact of Ben Strokes is he born and brought up in New Zealand, but he started his carrier in England Cricket. His yearly Earning is $6 Million.

#6. Chris Gayle becomes the greatest player short-format cricket, and he proves with his hard-hitting performances as an opening batsman he scored 250 runs in one match against Zimbabwe during World Cup in T20.His yearly Earning is $6.5 Million.

#7. Shane Watson: He is one of the best Australian cricket all-rounders. He is currently the highest-paid Indian Premier League under the foreign player's category. His yearly Earning is $6 Million.

#8.AB DE Villers: He is the only cricketer with a unique batting style. He can play any shot, and we see it in World Cup 2015. He is the fourth most paid foreign player in Indian Premier. His yearly Earning is $4.5 Million.

#9. David Warner is an Australian opening batsman considered a day's deadliest batsman in the opening power plays over's. His yearly Earning is $3 Million.

#10. Suresh Raina: He is the rising style of Indian cricket. He is an active member of the Indian team squad and played in the middle order and considered the Indian team's backbone. His yearly Earning is $3 Million.


So these were the top 10 highest paid cricketers in the world. The world of cricket is also very fascinating. Therefore, now we know how much hard work does every cricketer does to get this hard-earned money.

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