Is Dream 11 A Fraud? Should You Play Dream 11? Can You Become Rich By Playing Dream 11?






Before going to the solution about fraud or not, let’s get a concise idea about what is dream 11? Dream 11 is the ultimate destination of all kinds of dream sports games, including cricket, football. So it is a perfect place for game lovers because every kind of game is available on the website. 

Dream11 is an Indian Company that allows users to play Fantasy games like cricket, kabaddi, football, and basketball. Dream11 is also the first Indian company in the field of gaming to be a part of the “Unicorn Club.” DREAM 11 is now also the Official sponsor of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020, so it can’t be a fraud.


The users can enjoy the features of this site and amusement of sports by both paid and free versions of dream11. This website is constructed carefully to entertain the people of India. However, all the people from different states cannot access Dream11, because it is legally restricted. This restriction is conducted because some specific laws in those debts are not clear. People can share their important government ID details, including Pan or bank account details, avowedly because all the information is stored here securely.


Assam, Odisha, and Telangana cannot access dream11 because the games may be played there by taking free. Another restriction of dream11 is the children cannot use this who are under 11. There are various good and effective reasons for playing Dream 11 because everyone wants to earn money and this provides 2 and money quickly. It is the first company where the gaming field is treated as "Unicorn Club".


Should You Play In Dream11?


The company provides a platform like that of Pari match India to its authenticated users, where only the registered users can create their virtual team consisting of their favourite players and earn points based on the real match performances of these players, which makes it really like they are managing their own team.


Dream11 is a fantasy sports company owned by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth, founded in the year 2008. It had a vast user base of about 2 million later, which increased and resulted in 4 million registered users in 2019, and till now, it has increased multiple folds.


To be able to participate in the fantasy league, the user must be above the age of 18 years and should also possess a PAN card and get it verified and will have to pay a certain amount of money to win real cash from the game they participate in. However according to the review of several people, it is a fraud, so the players should not join here anymore.


Can You Become Rich By Playing Dream 11?


This is easy to enjoy by playing the game in dream11; the user needs to create a team of 11 people and proceed with the virtual match. It will give you the essence of a real-time match and also so can you watch IPL. The point can be gained based on the performance of the team member in the match. For enjoying the entry fee offer, the user needs to attend some existing leagues. The User intends to gain more profit than investment. The people will be offered to play with more than 10 crore dream 11 users through the public contest, otherwise, if you want you can also create a private contest. It also allows you to chat with your friends or groups and send them a challenge for contests through message. You can also earn Rs. 100 cash bonuses by inviting your friends and the cash bonus will be credited after joining your friend.


Final Verdict

In conclusion, Dream11 is not a fraud. But the user must have to be fully aware of how the game works and proceeds. The game depends upon the prediction of the users about what is going to happen in the real game time and somewhat luck. If the user is lucky to select the right players and predict their scores, then the user wins real cash; if not, he will be empty-handed. The game is all about the correct prediction and merely luck.


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  1. it is almost gambling