Is CSK Dhoni’s captaincy questionable in IPL 2020






Are you a cricket fan?? Then you will know the legend of the Indian Cricket Team, the Cool Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Dhoni has started his career in early 2000 and he has become the captain of the India cricket team very soon. He has taken the Indian Cricket Team to next level and under his captaincy, the Indian team has won the ICC 50 overs ODI world cup and it has brought us good pride.

Also, feathers have added to his crown by winning Champions Trophy, IPL trophy, and so many overseas tours and tournaments. As everyone knows, MS Dhoni is known for his renowned helicopter shot and final over finishes. 

Dhoni smashes balls in the final overs especially in chasing and almost he ensures victory when he is on the field. Dhoni is a one-man army who carries all the matches on his shoulder when the top order collapses soon.

As we all know MS Dhoni is the Captain of Chennai Super Kings in all the editions of the Indian Premier League and under his captaincy, CSK has never failed to make it to the playoffs. 

But it seems Chennai Super Kings are struggling in 2020 edition of people and it is claimed that chance is given to senior-most and experienced players cost several matches. 

Also, it is seen that the batting order is waving and Dhoni has also mentioned it clearly in the presentation ceremony as “We have so many holes in our very own boat”. As always, he did not blame anyone for the loss and he took responsibility for the losses. Besides losses, Dhoni’s captaincy was continuously criticized for giving too many chances for players who are not at all contributing to the victory. 

Going to freeze here!

We all know, Dhoni’s views and strategies never failed to hit the mark. But this time it seems to be at the buffer stage and it has made the viewer’s question about his captaincy. We have never seen him losing his temper or showing his expressions in either way. But nowadays he is letting his cool lost at times. This is seen many times in this edition of IPL. He has recently announced his retirement from all forms of International Cricket and he continues his captaincy only in IPL for Chennai Super Kings.

Chennai Super Kings are the only team who has qualified for playoffs in almost all the editions of IPL which they have played. Though several youngsters are available, Dhoni always prefers to choose experienced players in his side to make it in a winning way. 


Youngsters are given chance in the rest matches and they are always preferable to possess enough experience in all the matches. When it comes to crucial matches he sets different game plans and strategies. 

It is also recently seen in the recent match with opening partnerships changed, unlike previous matches. Critics have risen while seeing and this change brought us a great margin victory never imagined of. Dhoni’s game plans are always unpredictable.


Whatever statistics say, Dhoni is always a cool captain and he will stay cool forever.

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