When life gives you lemons






When life gives you lemons...

The smallest thing can change your life in the blink of an eye, somethings happen by chance when you least expect it and sets you on a course , you never planned , into a future you never imagined . Where will it take you?, that's a question no one can answer. Will it end our search for light? , we don't know. But sometimes, finding yourself means to pass through dark phases and tons of disappointments.
At least that's how it was for me, until I decided to take that extra step , that extra dive to see where life takes me. I had been hesitant at first because of too many "realistic" mental barriers only to realize that i was the one to put it on snooze. And now i'm so glad for everything that happened because i grew from it and I am so proud of the women that i am becoming.

I am sorry someone loved you badly only to abandon you in the end, I am sorry that they made you feel like you take up more space than you deserve, I am sorry that they made you believe love is an awful feeling.We all go through different kind of dramas in our life, maybe you lost a friend or maybe you failed in your exams , maybe you are afraid of the change or maybe you did not get in your dream college, maybe your family is not supportive or maybe you are suffering from a disease. SO WHAT? All you have to do is find your ikigai , a secret to your long and happy life midst the chaotic world and smile through the adversity. After all you are only a teenager for 2556 days.
Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. Look at the stars. Hug your mom. Let your hair down. And if you see a group of people in a field ask them what are they doing. Do things without always knowing how they'll turn out. We're curious and smart and bored. There are so many adventures that we miss because we are making up a plan. To find them, make interesting choices and remember that you are always making up the future as you go.

There will forever be someone who can't see your worth. Don't let it be you. Without fail, the most resilient and incredible people I've ever met have remained happy despite everything they have been through. In the end there is only one person who can lift you up , who can stand by you, who'll always be there no matter what, who wouldn't be jealous of your success and that is, you yourself . It's okay to be sad, to feel down but don't let that feeling hold you , bounce back and tell the world, you've got this.

...get drunk on your tears.

Nitigya Laddha

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