The Untold Story of Hemil Parikh






The Untold Story


I am most impressed by the untold stories not about a place or my experience or about myself. The untold COURAGEOUS stories of COMMON PEOPLE attract me the most. In the life journey so far, I have met some people who have gone through a lot in their life. But the SMILE on their face has never faded. Neither have they become recluse or given up on life. Rather they think of it as a blessing that they are the less sufferers than others and god has a plan for keeping them alive. So today I write about The untold story of Hemil Parikh. He is DIFFERENTLY ABLED and NOT DISABLED.


So, let’s begin the story…


The fateful day of 18th March,2009 when life took a drastic turn for Hemil. When you get up in the morning and start getting into your daily routine you feel like it’s a normal day. But every 24-hour cycle brings with it some unknown circumstances. As usual Hemil left for office. He stays at Sion and travels to Borivali for work. He got bit late to catch the train and the train started moving. To avoid waiting for next train he just jumped into the luggage compartment of the moving train. The luggage compartment does not have the middle holding bar at the entrance of the train. Another person was also trying to get into the same compartment with the train having caught speed. He entered somehow but was unable to hold his grip due to missing rod. He held the upper edge of the train roof but kept shouting someone pull me in. Hemil as a casual help tried to pull him by his shirt. But while pulling him in, Hemil somehow lost his own balance due to the train speed and less grip for himself. He stumbled out of the train. The inevitable happened. His left leg and some righthand fingers came under the train wheels. He went blank for a while not understanding what happened. Lying in the middle of the tracks he was unable to get up or feel any sensation. Mustering courage he called his family. It was not easy to tell them what happened. Many people started gathering but none came forward to help. We love to see things happening and post about them on social networking sites but we seldom have to courage to lend a helping hand. Luckily a good Samaritan came forward and made arrangements to take him. Immediately he was admitted to a Sion Hospital named Lokmanya Tilak Hospital. The hospital is associated with an NGO named “Sunday Friends”. Hemil and his family being associated with this NGO made things simpler for them. The treatment was started without any inquires which otherwise could have been time consuming. The next day he was shifted to Nanavati Hospital for better treatment.


At Nanavati Hospital his treatment began. He underwent many operations to set his body parts right and grafting of skin. It took a long time to recover, more so from the emotional trauma than the physical trauma. When you meet with an accident, your body parts start getting septic and give immense pain. I would not like to depict the pain he went through because you yourself can imagine the situation and realize the pain. A leg that is crushed, few fingers that have been crushed, the flesh that comes out of your body parts and seeing the continuous loss of your own blood can make anybody faint and writhe in pain. The grafting of deep wounds is quite painful. And of course, the emotional trauma where at the age of 22 you can see your whole world collapsing. Your dreams getting shattered, your future life getting hazy, your inability to walk and all this for no mistake of yours. These times are trying times not just for the person concerned, but also the whole family goes through an ocean of painful emotions.


He did remain upset and started seeing life negatively for a while. In June 2009 he got a Prosthetic Leg. But his family has supported him a lot and now he sees life in a very different way. He has got back to fulfilling his dreams with equal vigor. He feels that this accident has made him do things which he would have never done if his life was in normal mode.

He plays Garba every Navratri. He is preparing to play for India under Special Cases category. He wants to dance with some best dancers. He climbs the mountains at pilgrim places and participates in Marathons. He wants his story to spread and motivate people. He keeps telling me stories about many people whom he has met through his journey who have been in similar conditions as him and how they have picked themselves up in life. Some are doing much much better for themselves after the unfortunate incident in their life than they could have done in normal life conditions. On 26th January, 2020 he climbed the Kalsubai Peak which is the highest peak in Maharashtra. This deserves accolades. Rotary Club has also contacted him and they are going to felicitate him in February 2021. He has also appeared on an interview with a Radio channel.


Wearing a Prosthetic Leg is not easy. It requires lots of adjustments and care. They hurt a lot too in initial days and requires lot of maintenance. Also, the cost of these prosthetic leg is too high. It is not easy to walk or run with it. After all it is not the leg you were born with.

So, this is it for now. The story is never ending but all cannot be sufficed here. If you like Hemil’s story and wish to contact him you can write to him at

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