In case you've not read it, I can answer at least one of those questions. The secret of The Secret, which it turns out is also the power of The Power, is called the law of attraction. "Like with like together strike", ancient wisdom tells us. Hence, if your thoughts are of health or insight or wealth then before you know it, you will receive health or insight or wealth. Conversely, to think you are ill or ill-fated is simply not to be thinking right: you are well, and will know it.

The law of attraction is manifest particularly in your feelings. Good feelings generate good outcomes. Bad feelings bad outcomes. An individual will find themselves caught up either in spirals of positivity, or negativity. It all depends upon your habits of mind. The Secret and The Power aim to help you to take your "feeling off automatic". They suggest ways of realigning your patterns of thought so as to make you happier and to improve your relationships.

The book is all about the law of attraction, a universal law which explains that we are the one who create our universe. The thoughts inside our mind summons the things happening to us. We attract what we think inside our heart and is manifested. We have to give up having negative thoughts so that negative things never come attracted to us. The book is an amazing eye opener convincing us about the super secret of law attraction to make us unleash our infinite potential we have within us. The pages turn to a lot of ideas and a different angle of approaching life and to solve the mystery of “YOU”. The author has intentionally used the word “you” in many areas so that we may feel the author has written the book for us. The book is a very good page turner. I summed up the idea given in this book like the treatment using the placebo effect. It is our mindset that determines everything and is the reason for every tragedy that we face. If we could change them, the results are for sure. 

I don't even remember how many times I have read this book nd keep doing it. Every time I find something new. This thing really works and its incredible how beautifully your thoughts are changed into reality just because you believe in them and urself. I must say its the best book of all times I have ever read. 100% helpful, made me think about what I think and how I need to change my thoughts. Helped me gain few little things (i experimented) and now I am using it for my main goal and guess what. Its working!!!

THE SECRET reveals the power of our thoughts. Maybe you just think that this power is definitely works out by law of attraction. Law of attraction is just a term.   This book give a new perspective towards our life. It tells us to think positively. Positive thoughts can make our actions as their same frequency. If we think positively we have the desire to get what we want. And we will work for it. That gives success.  This book is written in the light of the term law of attraction. Actually our thoughts become our actions and it will bring great joy.  Like if we thought I don't want this we don't do anything for it. It's a negation. We are avoiding that. But if we think I want it, we will try hard to make it possible. This is what the author calls by the term law of attraction.  It's not a super power or something. It's just work with us .  By reading this book you get a new view about your life. And your thoughts workout with your actions. Get it right by reading THE SECRET. 

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