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We are stepping into 2021 and I really do not want to write a cliché memo for 2020 or the new year and thus I decided I will write about The new year – new me notion we all followed when we were kids and teens and I believe many are still following it. We were all once and are still victims of the false hope syndrome. More than half the population make resolutions every year but not even 10% of them manage to keep them for more than a few months.

New year new me is a tradition not followed like many others. But the idea behind it is funny and sad at the same time. First question, why would you want to change yourself? Second, were you never happy with the way you were? Third, why do you think you have to present a brand new self every time the earth orbits the sun?

People believe that every one cares about what you do or behave like all the time. But in reality, you have had your chances with those people to show who you are and that is the end of that road. It does not matter if you change or not after they have formed an opinion. The new year – new me notion works only when you have not been in contact with the people for a while and decide to show up at their doorstep out of the blue. Not literally doorstep but you get the point. Only when someone’s memory of you is distant you can change for the idea of you.

Now now. I do not want to turn this blog into a philosophy or a psychological paper as a matter of fact. But writing further.

So I moved to California but it’s just a state of mind
It turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself, that’s not a lie

Fuck it, I love you by Lana Del Rey

It is true. You never really change. Even Lana Del Rey who has a chameleon soul realized this. You evolve from either good to better or bad to worse but you are still you. So it is kind of funny that you keep trying to change. Maybe you do change but it is just habits that you are changing.

No one wakes up one day with a completely different personality. So no, new year-new me is never going to work out. But one thing is for sure, you are never the same person you were yesterday and never will the same person that you were ten years ago. Basically, the trick is changing yourself every day if you want to achieve what you want.

But do you really want to change? Unless you are a criminal, you better change. Sorry, that was out of context. Wait, was it? Okay. I need to stop saying sorry. That will be my resolution.

Bye. Happy New Year.

-Neha Radharapu

P.S: Another weird piece. Thank you for reading.

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