Women centric books to read!






Books written by women authors provide various insights to view the world. The writings are diverse, emotional and heart touching. Three of my favourite women centric books are: 

  1. Probiatis

Probiatis is an underground troop that strives to protect the "specially talented people" and beat their worst enemy- Arcane. They work to save and rescue gifted individuals from the grasp of Evil doctor; the founder of Arcane.

Emerald hails from a dysfunctional family and she possesses the power of healing people. Her sister ruby is her companion who is aware of her supernatural power. They move to a different city and her life takes a toll. The Arcanes are tracking her. Will she escape? She later joins Probiatis and sets off to save people along with her sister Ruby and her best friend( read love ) Will they be able to save them? Or will the Arcane wipe them out? 

⭐The plot of the book is really intriguing. There are several twists in the story that makes the story more appealing.

⭐ The story is fast paced with incredible storytelling. The language of the book is easy and fluid.

⭐ I really liked the characters in the story and how they develop as the story proceeds. I liked Sam the most. I mean who doesn't want to read minds? 

⭐ The cover looks  pretty . I felt the war between Arcanes and Probiatis was short and needed more attention. It ended abruptly . I wanted the fight to be more intense and detailed. Apart from this , I really liked the book. 

I recommend it.

  1. What if stars don't die? By Ivy Oaks

Dante, a seventeen year old kid is devastated when he learns about his parents death in an accident. Everything around him collapsed. He belonged to the 'Morris ' family and felt like a black sheep who could not live upto the name.After his parents death,he decided to live his maternal aunt whom he had met once in his life.This book talks about his journey of healing from the trauma and his discovery of himself.

At the beginning of the book, I was expecting some great things from this book. The pace of the book at the beginning was so good. Eventually it became more of a normal teenager story falling in love. I was expecting a back story of his mother or how Dante discovered who he was completely opposite to "Morris" expectations. The book could have been better.The language is easy and I liked the cover.

  1. The best of friends By Lucindra Berry

The best of friends ' as the name suggests is the tale of three best friends whose children grew up to be best friends too. One fine night, an incident broke out leading to the death of one, one shot and the other traumatized. How will the mommy best friends react? Will they stick together or drift apart ? What exactly happened that night? The book is all about the mystery and the solving of it.

The book meticulously unveils the secrets and draws the limelight on what happened that night. The detective in the story made me recall Poirot ! Aah, what a feeling!! The author slyly manages to keep you in the dark and when you feel you are so close to the truth , pulls out another mystery and lands a blow on your face. There is no way you can predict what's coming. Everything in the book is so well plotted that you can just keep guessing but not know where the author is taking you.

The ending will make your jaw drop and your mouth dry wanting for more. Netgalley is making me love crime thrillers and I am drooling over it.

The book makes you see the same incident through the eyes of the three mommies so that you can agonize with each of them , feeling everything they are going through and making you not judge anyone .This made the book more appealing . I enjoyed the book and highly recommend it to everyone .

The narrative and storytelling is so good to keep you hooked. The language is easy and fluent , making it easy for the beginners. The cover looks promising , so brownie points for that. Amazing read.

These books are written by female authors who thrive to bring change and give a new vision to the readers. 

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