There are some things about certain love stories in movies and series that keep playing in your mind like a radio. Every conversation of your favorite lovers carefully stored on the magnetic tape of a cassette, you keep playing it on your Walkman. And walking down the sidewalk with the words that took a hundred people to write and you to bring them together, you imagine what life would’ve been like if you were those people in your cassette.
But when you go in front of the one you love, words slip out of your ears and mind and you are mute that second and the only thing on your mind is their face and the only word on your lips is their name.
Maybe the ones in love don’t write those conversations between your lovers. Maybe the ones who were in love wrote them.
Or is it just you and me and everyone wonderstruck at the sight of the one we love so we stick to the anonymity behind screens and books and write?

-Neha Radharapu

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