People are Lost.






What do you tell to the man on the street begging for money to buy food? What do you tell to the woman who lost her husband and is struggling to feed her children? What do you tell the little girl who was married off to a man 20 years older to her? What do you tell the teenager stuck in her bedroom with bewildering thoughts? What do you tell the boy who came out of the closet only to find himself being taken to a conversion therapy center? What do you do when you find blood on your hands?

It’s a sad and mad world. A crazy world. One of a kind. “God’s must be crazy”, eh? On one side, we had centuries of black oppression. Now, we have a pandemic we don’t know when it’ll end. In India, universities are deciding to conduct exams. In the U.S., foreign national students are being kicked out amidst pandemic crisis and chaos. In India, more and more people are realizing that “Brown is beautiful.” And I am still seeing those nightmares and am away from my parents. With so much information to feed your brain during a pandemic, it is clear that the entropy is equal to 8 billion people and more.

Imagine seeking shelter from a vagabond. You get what I mean? Seeking home from a homeless. That is what it is like seeking for love or even a gesture in this world. People are lost. Now, more than ever. Being cut off from their day-to-day life for more than four months now, what did you expect for them to become? Everyone just seems to be more and more hopeless. Oh how did I forget? TikTok has been banned in India. People really are lost. Imagine having a routine for a lifetime and being groped away from it due to rules and regulations. Now, imagine being locked in four walls for months. Ain’t it crazy that you don’t actually have to imagine? You have to recall.

Life has been tough lately for almost everyone. With economic crisis, the poor are getting poorer. Most entertainers are earning money as everyone else is simply sitting at home scrolling through their screens. We are in a major mental health crisis too. So many are losing hope. Even I am, but on people. People who you thought were your friends turn out otherwise. People who you thought were your enemies are still your enemies. That brings me to another topic of discussion; friendship. So tell me, what is friendship because I really don’t want to write about that crap now. Also, let me acknowledge how bad this blog is structured but thank you if you have reached here.

You know, there used to be a time when I had no friends and then I had a lot of friends and many of whom were real back then. Then fast forward, I lost many friends but I made many more new friendships. Currently, I can’t find anyone in my contact list who I can call. The constant nagging thought and question, do they even care? Would they even want to talk to me? You know what? Never mind. They’re probably busy. And I continue scrolling through the newsfeed and oh –

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Written by: Neha Radharapu

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