Fraction of a second






Tell me how long ’til the paralysis goes away when you are consumed by breathlessness and fear.
Tell me how long ’til things start to travel the other way, when time never stops so you try to stop it all by yourself?

Things don’t just turn around, do they? Sometimes, we have to travel till the end of the highway to take a U-turn. Travel a whole new path to get on the right track. Things always seemed to slip out of hand.
Where do you run to find absolution?
The whole world just seems to be spinning in circles, making you dizzy.
Waiting for your turn to be sucked into the hole.
Why do you do this to yourself?
Where are my words disappearing? I am stitching unfinished poetry together. This is not even poetry. But what is poetry? My life, my pain, my feelings in vain.
I keep defining myself to reach you and redefine myself every time you change what you wanted.

Fraction of a second. In that fraction, I think of you a hundred times. What am I writing? Why is my head spinning

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