This phrase has been brought up and talked about in countless number of conversations that you may have had with your friends/ family/ colleagues, and most of the time it is a product of an argument or disagreement you or someone else involved in this conversation may have had with some other individual.

“He’s never listening to me! I don’t understand why is it so hard for him to just admit it that he is being selfish?! If he did care about us then at least he would have called by now.”

Let’s break this down piece by piece.

There is a clear difference between a “selfish” person and a “self-centered” person. “If you outright deny the opinions/needs/wants and the sheer goodwill of another individual while making sure you profit most out of the situation, then you my friend are selfish.

If you are preoccupied by your own actions and are still taking into consideration others opinions regardless of the fact that you may or may not make use of them later on in the future, then you are self-centered.

This clear distinction is sometimes forgotten by some especially in a heated argument, the “fog of war”, what we call it; more like the screen of ignorance and ego.

I am not justifying that either of them are good or bad, I’m just here to share that there are going to be situations where someone will have to take a stand on either side of the fence. Judging someone by their actions will only make you a sitting duck on the fence trying to justify that you are the sanest human on this planet because your voice matters.

Trust me if you stay indecisive, you voice will never matter. So let’s just drop the act of being a saint in every situation and admit to it, because it’s better to see yourself in the mirror than staring at a clown trying to put an act with nothing in hand but his empty beliefs.

It’s your choice to be either selfish or self-centered, if the situation calls for either of them just take it instead of contemplating about what 

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