Chaotic Serenity






While a lost love could probably be found again in some time,
lost friendships are always harder to find.
I’m searching for metaphors to describe what it feels like
losing you every minute of the day and every second of the hour.
My comparisons are of small to big but remember that
that one second makes a difference in an hour and one minute in a day.
Things might look small to your eyes for you are the “bigger person”
you always claim to be.
Taunting me through the endless text messages
pouring in for days straight.
I’m a lost cause for you but it is you for me.
Definitions of normal change from person to person.
Would you ever understand that or
will you compel me to understand yours and only your perspective?

Not everything in life is about me, sure, but my world is about me right?
Will you let me live it or do you want me to leave it?

What does clarity even mean anymore?
Insanity is the only thing that seems to be left at the bottom of the glass.
Life is a concoction of bittersweet moments.
Stolen moments of a chaos.
Drifting winds turbulent thoughts.
Life feels as chaotic as this piece I’m writing.
Take me home please.

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