My top reads of 2020






My top books of 2020

2020 was a great reading year for me. I discovered and read some amazing books. I explored many genres which I avoided earlier. They literally changed my life.

Life changing books help you to grow and develop your personality. It can help you build certain habits that might help to be a better version of yourself.

Life changing books can be finance books or autobiographies or biographies that can make a change in your life. Some of the best life changing  books are :

  1. Ikigai 


There is a tension between what is good for someone and what they want to do. This is because people, especially older people, like to do things as they've always done them. The problem is that when the brain develops ingrained habits, it doesn't need to think anymore. Things get done very quickly and efficiently on automatic pilot, often in a very advantageous way. This creates a tendency to stick to routines, and the only way of breaking these is to confront the brain with new information.

𝑬verything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.

there is nothing wrong with enjoying life’s pleasures as long as they do not take control of your life as you enjoy them

In today's materialistic and stressful world, it can be very difficult to find your 'ikigai'- your reason to get out of bed every morning, something that makes you happy. But there are people in this world, who are over a hundred years, who are active, and happy, doing what they love! If they can be so passionate


This book talks about literally everything. From finding your ikigai to nurturing friendships. There are so many instances on what food we should eat to live longer and healthier, the mindsets, day to day activities and ways to achieve the following. The book contains interviews of some of Japan's oldest people and a brief study of their lives. The book is inspiring . I recommend it to everyone. Jao simran jao, dhund lo apni ikigai aur jee lo apni zindagi✨😙

  1. Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki

If you are someone who has very little or no knowledge about financial aptitude, this book is for you! 

Robert Kiyosaki highlights the contrasting mindsets of rich and poor people and how much difference it makes. Through this book, Robert pinpoints where our generation fails to hold on to financial stability and intelligence.

He urges us to make change in our mindset before forcing them into actions. He aptly talks about how the education system makes us study and study without imparting knowledge about financial aptitude. 

Honestly, I had no idea about finance until I read this book. So, if you are looking for finance books, this book is for you!!

  1. I have never been (un) happier

This book is written by Shaheen bhatt.Depression is a deadly disease and the tough part, it has contrasting symptoms that makes it hard to diagnose. And above all, the stigma that exists in our society about mental illness makes it worse.

She talks about her journey, her fight against depression and most importantly, she raises awareness about it. She talks about how she felt, what she underwent without questioning the legitimacy of her struggle and pain. 

The way she talked about the issue, without bringing her 'privileges' needs to be appreciated. 

This is her journey. This book speaks about how she felt. The book is about her. Her pain . Her emotions and her battle. Let's just embrace it, know about it and make an attempt to feel it. Because we never know who needs it. But it's always better to reach out for help and listen to the silent screams who are battling it.

There are moments where you may question yourself just like I did. There are instances where you can relate to it. You have felt it. Maybe that was the purpose of this book: To let people know what it looks like. And spread the word.


Life changing  books can help you to grow into a better person. Ikigai is one of the best self help books that moved me. I hope you love it too. Rich dad poor dad is a finance book that will teach you financial education. I hope these books help.

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