Hello guys,

warm welcome...

We all are about to dive in a new year, so I just tried to sum up my learnings of 2020 with the help of this poetry.

It's my way of wishing new year to the world. So, here we go...

This dark windy night, this calm moonlight. 

These gusty winds creating noise making me freak in fright. 

 Today the whole world is about to dive in a new year. 

 Everyone is celebrating, some watching the moon

 while some opening bottles of beer. 

But like every time, I am up with a new resolution, 

hoping it's going to help me in my own better evolution. 

I'm a failure, I'm a loser, I'm a non-starter, 

Every year I make new resolutions but then stop flowing like pond-water. 


But this time I’m up with a very important like hack, 

Every time I used to dream of being happy, while being sad. 

I was unaware of one crucial fact, 

how I used to imagine is not the way life acts. 


We enjoy happy times but in difficulties,

graph of our complaints raises.

but let me tell you my dear,

life is a mix of bitter-sweet phases. 

It's not possible to always be cheerful, 

At times it's perfectly fine to be fearful.

But in hard times we should embrace ourselves and try to make a way, 

somethings are just meant to be ignored,

as there is no point in searching for needle in hay. 

Today, I got to know it's not much important to always smile, 

instead at times we just need to hold back our cries. 


We all are just like this made up of certain fears, 

Some things will make us smile while some we just need to bear. 

I have finally decided of not making a resolution, 

I am quite still now, not in a mood to think about revolution.

But I have decided of being carefree and flowing like river, 

I’m going to try smile back at everything,

even if it makes me shiver. 

And here I sum up, wishing u all a happy new year. 

Guys, if you wanna read some more Hindi poetries, click the link👉

Bye-bye guys

have a rocking year ahead...

keep growing...


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  1. Nice learnings

  2. rahulyadav805966Feb. 3, 2021, 2:28 p.m.

    Hats off

  3. dalbiryadav51273Jan. 1, 2021, 12:06 p.m.