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Tomorrow, it's valentine day and a lot of you might be excited about it. Some enjoying with their partners while some enjoying teasing their friend and some making the world laugh with their satirical memes and some supporting the 'Bajrang Dal'. So, I thought of writing a poetry on this word, 'LOVE'.


I saw a 14 year old in relationship,

Stating proudly, her relationship is rock solid.

But to my surprise, she was single at the age of 15,

Totally lost in an emotional grid.

At the age of 16, I saw that girl again in relationship,

Stating proudly, this time her love is true.

I thought to myself,

Her learnings from the last relationship are still due.

By this time, both she and her relationship has grown up,

Now she imagines herself in cozy hotels of Vatican city.

That 14 year old girl in love, 

now laughs on memes made on 14 year old nibba-nibbi.

The girl laughed on her own past stupidity,

Claiming her past was all Black and White.

I wonder, How can she guarantee,

This time her love is right?

Then I came across a 18 year old boy, 

Quite calm and modest.

Like others, 

he too was carrying torch for her ethereal goddess.

After looking at this baffled world,

and my friend's sullen face.

I thought to myself,

Do these three little words really carry any meaning or grace...

I pondered over things and made an evaluation,

That Majority of the young population,

Is unaware of the difference between

love and attraction...

This whole world is living in total myth.

Unable to spot difference between love and hormonal shifts.

And here I came up with some eclectic conclusions.

Love can take place between any caste, community, gender or religion.

It's a myth that we just fall for a single person,

It can happen to anyone, literally anyone.

If you are ready to accept someone in the way they are,

If you are ready to devote someone your heart, soul and care.

Along with his strengthened praws,

If you are ready to accept his faults and flaws.

If you people share every single moment of both joy and cries,

If you are ready to console him in hard times,

Accepting the fact, no-one can forever smile.

Instead of taking things foregranted, 

if you let the other one realize their importance on every sunrise,

If you are ready to reprimand him for all the wrong deeds he tries.

It's all about Respect and mutual understanding.

Not about someone's beauty or social standing.

Now, whoever destiny offers you, just apply all these principles,

I bet your relationship is going to be rocksolid,

Not at all complicated, rather pretty simple.

But do remember, 

everything seems sweet at a particular age only,

So idiots enjoy your bachelorhood,

Stop thinking at the age of 20 that you are lonely.

Play this game of responsibilities when you are mature enough,

Because there is no point in giving a teenager, a cough syrup.

So, smile and don't rush yourself in this game of responsibility,

Biting off more than you can chew,

Often leads to toxicity.

And you will find, Love is not a feeling of dejection,

Instead it's the pleasure of getting lost in self satisfaction.

Hope you people enjoyed reading it.

Happy Valentine😉😉

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  1. Amazing annu

  2. 👍👍such a beautiful poetry and good background story to make a authentic piece..U r able to switch ur genres so well.. Kudos

  3. dalbiryadav51273Feb. 13, 2021, 1:41 p.m.