Life beyound reality






life beyound reality

Have you ever been the world of faries, or have you ever felt the pleasure of roaming in the world of colours. No, I know your answer will be " No ".

Now a days we are grown up so early that we try to be mature at a very early age. Which snatches our childish innocence, our great part of learning and most important a phase of happiness. 

We all have bounded ourselves in a picture of so called responsible person. We try to do new things without giving a proper time to learn about it, research about it and look after the fact that, even if we are actually made to do that or not. Everyone knows that being and IAS officer will give them pride, clearing NEET is their only way to succeed. But wait! do you even have analysed that the time you can give to your studied, the intrest towards studies and your passion. Does all matches the criteria? So to the all young generation out their, to all the teenagers who have firmly decided to do a particular task. Have your time, have your space and give yourself appropriate time to introspect and then decide the right way for yourself. 

We all know, according to norms of society only being a doctor or an engineer requires knowledge and they only do hard work . But wait! who cares for the so called society, do you? 

So let's break the chains of the society, and show them all your real power and strength. 

Create new norms , so that this same society will praise you on your success. Be the reason of change , be the symbol of change. Achieve your dreams the way you want and show this society that you are worth appreciable. So create your own dream land , follow the mind and always listen to your heart. Focus on your dreams not , analyze way to achieve it and just compile it with your hard work. This whole universe need to witness the a new sunshine and a never ending enlightenment of new talents . 

As said by "Steve Jobs", 

    "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you trully want to beacome"

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