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Looking for some gripping horror reads? This is the right page for you.I have listed down some amazing Dean Koontz novels you should read in your life.Dean Koontz books will surely make you fall in love with horrors and thrillers.

Dean koontz is a familiar  name in the world of thrillers and mystery.It would be safe if i call him the “wizard” of mysteries and fantasies.The huge rush of adrenaline and the jaw dropping twists  in his books help him stand out in the race.He is the best selling author of horror and thriller novels.His marvellous way of writing is the cherry on the cake.If you are looking for some stirring horror novels this post is for you.

Why should you read Dean Koontz books?

Dean Koontz is an american author who published over 105 novels and shorts stories. His works bagged the best selling positions in the New York times best sellers list. His books will take you on a roller coaster journey of mysteries and heart wrenching thrillers. His books are known for its gripping storyline with some mind blowing twists.

Being a hardcore fan of thrillers and mysteries ,i am here with a list of his best books to save you some time.

Some of the best Dean koontz books are listed below.

  1. The jane Hawk thriller series 

The Jane Hawk series is one of his best works. This series features jane hawk in his novels. She is my favourite character of all times. These series include:

  • The silent corner

  • The whispering room

  • The crooked staircase

  • The forbidden door

  • The night window

  A man living his dreams decided to commit suicide. He left behind a note puzzling his wife - Jane hawk. She decides to find the truth. Her journey to discover the truth is piled in this series.If you are looking for a thriller that could send shivers down the spine, this book is for you.

Fun fact:

This series was ranked as the best selling series in the New York times list.This series has a movie adaptation. You can watch it if you like movies more.

  1. Odd Thomas

This book is compiled with various twists along with marvellous storytelling. The plot of this book is interesting. The ending of this book will surely make your heart skip a bit.Two words that best describe this book are- mind blowing and intense. You will experience an adrenaline rush while reading this book. It will keep you wanting for more.

  1. The eye of darkness

Years after the death of a boy, he was spotted in a car by his mother. Was it an illusion? Or is he alive? His mother decides to find out the truth. The mystery that unfolds later will leave you awestruck.The book mentions a virus called Wuhan 400 virus and people are going crazy over it. Maybe you can check this out to find out more.The plot is interesting . It will keep you hooked till the end.

Fun fact :

A book that talks about wuhan virus. This virus resembles the corona virus in many ways.

  1. The watchers 

You are a fan of supernatural and science thrillers, this book is for you.Two mutant creatures of animal origin escape the government lab. Now you have to hunt them before they cause irrevocable damage to mankind.The plot is so mind gripping that you won't be able to put down the book. As the story proceeds, some unimaginable incidents will knock you down. This will surely keep you imagining all day. The author's unique way of writing makes the book more interesting. This is one of the best Dean Koontz books i have ever read. It was a five star read for me.

Fun fact:

This book is adapted into 4 movies- Watchers, Watchers reborn, Watcher II and watcher 3

  1. The strangers

A writer develops sleepwalking illness. Eventually things got worse when he started acquiring weapons while sleepwalking.He woke up blank and this made him scared. Later he realises that many people in the city are suffering from this disease.Is he related to any of them? What went wrong? This book will chill your bones to the core. The storytelling and the plot of this book is intriguing. This book kept me awake at night. I imagined scenarios in my head and could not stop thinking about it. It has a huge impact on your mind. One of the best thrillers i have ever read.

Quote from the book:

"We are not strangers to ourselves, we only try to be."

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