Heartwarming Books to read!






Heartwarming books to read!

  1. Tom Woolberson and the Watchers

Have you ever wondered what is it like to be in heaven? Have you ever thought of afterlife and where do you end up? Have ever wondered a life after death without magic? A world just like ours but better? 

This book made me fantasize about death, afterlife and a life of possibilities. This book talks about death, aftermath and loss. It talks about a world of death. It talks about life after death.

Tom Woolberson does not remember how he died. He was lying on his bed with his ipad, and woke up in a place so foreign to him. He walks up to a school where he is enrolled and meets Finn and Mary. St. Michael is an institution where you are taught elements about Nature. They teach you how to, battle your demons and many more(you will know after reading the book) 

And guess who teaches them? Oscar Wild and geniuses like Isaac Newton. 

And the best part, the book is not about Magic and supernatural powers. The plot is relatable yet gives you wings to imagine a bit more. The book has layers that builds up the reader's interest. Every scene is adequately detailed with twists and turns that unfolds later. The characters are well developed with emotions and flaws. I love when the characters are humane.The narrative and storytelling deserves appreciation. And the ending has my heart. The book had me in the last stanza. And i can't wait for the sequel. 

The cover of the book could have been better. A lot better. 

2. A man called Ove

Ove saw the world in black. But she was the colour. All the colour he had.

There are books that wrench your heart out and take you on an intense roller coaster of emotions. They shatter you into pieces with emotions such as grief or pain. I am a sadist, if you say so, because I love books that make me weep at the end of the night, gulping my pain and letting it flow on the pillow after I finish the book. 

But A man called Ove is not one. It is a book that will fill your heart with warmth and fill your eyes with tears of love, not with pain. A man called Ove will take you down the memory lane of your closed one; your grandfather, or your grandmother. The book will make you laugh, cry, and laugh again and keep you wanting for more. It will make you smile when you think about Ove.

Ove is grumpy and rude who argues with people. Ove feels our generation doesn't know anything about life. But are people who they pretend to be?

The book reminded me of a quote from another book(I don't remember the name) that says'' we are alive because we have hopes and dreams'' Life with no hopes but memories is always a painful one. What we have nothing to cling to? Sonja was that hope for Ove. And after she died, everything stood still. 

But, this is not the end. Ove goes on a journey which you'll know only if you read the book. Go find out more about Ove. It is indeed an emotional and heartwarming read.

3. Kim Jiyoung

I wonder how many times i have spoken about the belittled Misogyny my mother suffers everyday. No, it is not because she is forced or asked to do so. It is because she is well groomed to do so. I have seen my mother weighing her self worth by the amount of work and help she does to the family. How many times have we asked our mother about her dreams before she decided to be a "Mother"? 

How many times were we silenced that our dresses are the reason why we are molested in a public transport? How many "Nirbhayas" will it take for the world to stop atrocities on women? How many girl children are killed before they see the light, just because a woman can't be an heir? Umpteen times.

Misogyny and Patriarchy are so so closely ingrained in our society along with traditions that it is impossible to differentiate the two. At Least that is how I feel about it. There are zillions of people around the glove standing up for their rights and speaking up against the atrocities? Have things really changed? I say, things evolved with time. We abolished Sati, but we took dowry from our daughter in law. We "allow" our daughters to work, but she is molested on her way from work. This is how society works. I wonder how many sacrifices and voices will we need to start treating women as human. But i will be optimistic here. We will break through the barriers. Till then we will read more stories like Kim Jiyoung. Till then, we will have more Kim Jiyoung.

The book "Kim Jiyoung" is the tale of hers ,or may be ours, that highlights our societal norms and our conditioning. It is the tale of my mother who searches her worth in household works, my grandmother who believes she is blessed to give birth to her son, who happens to be my father,my great grandmother who cooked and worked for 28 members of our family, and many more. 

The book voices the struggles, the conditioning, the misogyny, motherhood and stories of women like Kim Jiyoung. I hope you read this. 

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