Everything you need to know about The Secret by Rhonda Byrne






Everything you need to know about The Secret and the author Rhonda Byrne

We all need the motivation to act and achieve our dreams and our goals. Motivation is a significant topic and it is something that everyone talks about when it comes to creating success regardless of whether it is in life or at work. While it is true that we cannot solely rely on motivation to reach our goals and to act on our dreams, motivation is still very much needed when it comes to taking initiative and achieving overall success in life.

While some people try to find motivation through nature, others rely on fellow humans and some others depend on self-help books. The Secret published in 2006 written by Rhonda Byrne is regarded as one of the best self-help books ever written. Selling thirty million copies worldwide and getting translated into fifty languages, has revolutionized the thought processes of people and for some, the book has changed their entire lives upside down.

 Rhonda Byrne is an Australian by birth who began her career as a radio producer before moving into television production and becoming a successful author. Since its release on November 2006, The Secret has remained on the New York Times bestseller list for one hundred and ninety weeks. A year before she wrote the book her whole life had collapsed around her. She had worked herself into exhaustion and her father died suddenly and all her relationships were in turmoil and it was at that time, her daughter showed her the book The Science of Getting Rich written by Wallace D Wattles and that was when she discovered the law of attraction, the importance of positive thinking, and how to find success in life Hence, she started researching the subject and the project was born. To make her book more impactful and insightful, she has also talked about esteemed people and legends and their tryst with the law of attraction.

According to Rhonda Byrne, whatever a person wishes for can come true if he or she is in harmony with the universe. She also discusses the ways by which one can attract abundance in life by just following the three steps of asking, believing, and receiving. For one to attract one’s dreams, firstly one must have a clear picture of what one needs, one should openly ask oneself what one needs and should have a clear idea of what one desires. The second most crucial step is believing; mere asking would not help a person to manifest his or her desires, one should believe in oneself and the universal power to attract one’s deepest desires. The third step is receiving, the stage where one acquires whatever one desires. She also stresses the importance of gratitude and love for a person to live his or her life to the fullest. Scripting, visualizing and affirmations are some of the methods discussed in the book that could help in the manifestation process. Byrne believes that one can attract whatever one needs in life by just thinking the right thoughts (thoughts of love and compassion) and by believing that whatever one wishes for would come true. Belief is one of the main elements she stresses on this topic of attraction. She has also used the quotations and the teachings of some of the most prominent people in history like Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Einstein, and other theologians, scientists, and great thinkers. She has also cared to share the experiences of the readers and teachers of the law of attraction to increase the validity of her propositions.

The book plays a big role in empowering people who want to be self- reliant. Her explanations of thoughts and feelings as transmitters that transmit and attract equivalent situations and actions are truly fascinating.  Through this book, she has managed to plant seeds of optimism in the hearts of millions of people. It asserts the importance of confidence and self-belief which are crucial elements to achieve success. According to Byrne, "Through this most powerful law, your thoughts become the things in your life. Your thoughts become things! Say this over to yourself and let it seep into your consciousness and your awareness. Your thoughts become things"

The Secret puts forward several ideas that are amusing, thought-provoking, and perhaps controversial. Focusing one’s attention on achieving a goal is not enough, one must believe that one can attain or accomplish it and act as though one already has what one wants to achieve. She also says that by focussing more on what one does not want, one is automatically drawing that into one’s own life. For example, if one constantly ruminates on the stressful and negative things, one would automatically draw more of those negative circumstances and things into one’s life. So the secret is to focus on what one desires to achieve in life. The law of attraction is a principle by which one can attract whatever one focuses on like good health, good relationships, success, money, and so on.

Merely thinking of one’s desires is not enough; one should also feel that those desires are already attained. Desperately thinking about one’s desire creates a feeling of lack which would attract more lack, but experiencing the feeling of having or achieving that desire in advance puts one in alignment with one’s desires.

Byrne also emphasizes the importance of gratitude, a sense of gratitude is very necessary to live an enriching life.  She tells all the readers to practice gratitude every single day to attract more blessings into life as it is impossible to bring more into life if one is feeling very ungrateful about what one already has. Thoughts of jealousy, resentment, dissatisfaction, or feelings of “not enough” cannot bring what one desires.

        She asks all the readers to see themselves as magnets that can attract anything and everything that he or she needs. She also tells all the readers to focus more on receiving their desires, rather than focusing on the “how” (how they would be able to attract what they need). Then she asks all the individuals to just trust the Universe and to just let go of this intense attachment to his or their desires. The book shares other insights and strategies to use gives a history of the use of the law of attraction, and provides examples of how it’s worked in the lives of various people.

The Secret may be helpful for some and detrimental to others. When one begins to read the book, one must always keep in mind the pros and cons of the book. In the positive light, the book is empowering, boosts visualization, and encourages positive thinking. The main benefit of this book is that that it is empowering. It reminds one that there is a lot that one can do to change one’s circumstances. Even if things seem bleak, one must have a clear sense of optimism, to believe in the fact that better days are ahead and nothing is permanent. Along with an optimistic spirit, one must also have a clear idea of what one needs to achieve and also a good perspective. The Secret encourages people to really visualize their goals clearly to attract what they want. It points out that it is not always a straight line between where one is and where one needs to go, and even though one cannot always detect when things will turn around, one must always believe in perseverance and have self-belief. At the heart of the book, it has the best interest for the readers!

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