It’s been a while.
I wonder where you lay your head tonight.
Under the moon,
over the stars.
In the breeze,
beneath the warmth.
I wonder if I can see you again.
I only wonder these days
and yearn on some.
I keep drifting in motionless wind
and water-less ocean.
I wonder why.
I search for you
under the blanket,
over me.
Under the bed,
over the kitchen counter.
Where have you gone?
Lover of mine,
where have you disappeared?

It’s been a while.
I wonder where I will go tonight.
To the forgotten street
in the sunshine.
To the desolate building
in the dark.
I wonder if I can find myself again.
I only wander these days
and write on some.
I keep driving through
the flourished paper towns
and empty cities.
I wander all day.
I search for me in papers,
in letters.
In water reflections
and in the mirror.
Where have I gone?
Soul of mine,
where have I disappeared?

-Neha Radharapu

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