Breaking the taboos






Guys, it's more of a social message that I felt I must deliver and less of a poem. 

All the incidents I am mentioning are true and I have seen happening with some girls with my own eyes.

So, please spare a few minutes of your life and try bringing a change.

Breaking the taboos

I was a 10 years old child, 

when for the first time my skirt  flushed dark red.

Most of my friends knew nothing about it, 

no-one to help.

I felt like next moment I will be dead.

I stood up from my seat, 

and the class broke out in laughter.

The physical and mental pain I was going through, 

grew even harder.

Afterall, I acted clumsy. I was too afraid, too ashamed, I was crying.

The pain and embarrassment made me feel like I am dying.

Ahh, I felt Dirty, I felt impure. My mind went blank.

I was menstruating, shit, my dad came to pick me up and I shrank. 

My abdomen was hurting badly, I was miserably sad.

But ouch, how can I shout out loud in front of my dad!

Once, it happened for the first time  on school's bus stop.

I was just 11 and my brother a bit more small.

He shouted in the middle of street,

and grabbed everyone's attention. 

People were laughing and I was crying. 

But thank god, there was a lady with pure intentions.

The pain wasn't allowing me to concentrate,

it was getting hard to answer quicker.

Ssh, Annu, are you mad?

How can you reveal it to your male teacher.

Shweta you leaked your secrets. Your mic is on.

Dumb girl, how filthy image of yourself you have drawn.

Stupid girl, your words have crossed borders with immediacy.

Ahh, I wonder,  every youth  is ready to debate on privacy.

Shweta, are you feeling bad? You think it's wrong. But who cares.

The world just want some juicy content with flavours. 

You should accept and understand, it was your mistake,

But don't worry, we were also free to put your character on stake. 

Shweta, saying fuck off is fashion, 

but sex life is not meant to mention.

How can you trust the world outside,

Fool, it's very open minded and wide.

Once I was traveling with my uncle in a bus.

A lady with dozens of children was sitting besides us.

I really wanted to ask,

did she know something about condom?

Bruh, then I realised, howcan I ask this thing in front of my uncle

and that too to anyone random.

Once I went shopping with my dad,

And I was about to buy pad and bra,

But when I saw my dad standing at billing counter,

I felt how will I handle it to him and bla bla bla.

That day, I really missed my mother.

Shopping seemed incomplete without her.

Once I entered the exam hall and exited just after 15 minutes.

Periods started all of a sudden.

Shit man, I don't have pad with me and my bag is outside the hall.

No female invigilator. Oh god, this flow too is getting out of control.

To whom should I ask for pad.

Shit, how can I ask to this strange man. 

Why don't the school administration just put some pads in classrooms before exams for such emergencies?

Oh shitt. But what if the boys and others will watch this?

It's alright that Somethings are meant to be done within boundaries.

In front of public, it leads to humiliation.

But please don't limit it to such an extent,

that one dies out of suffocation.

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  1. esha.yadav2412March 1, 2021, 7:06 p.m.

    Amazing and thought provoking