Books to read if you want to he a reader!






Books to read if you want to be a reader

Reading is a good habit. It can help you learn new things and discover various things. It helps you to grow as a person..So, if you want to start reading, these are some of the best books to read if you want to start reading.


This is a book on Perk who follows observant “wallflower “charlie as he charts a course between adolescence and adulthood. Caught between living his life and running from it marks the ‘growing up phase ‘ This is a book by Stephen chbosky. I Am sure you will love this book.


I am not a thriller person , but this book is an exception. This is one of the best books on thrillers and I am sure you will love it . The surprises and twists keep the reader guessing until the last page . The first thought upon finishing the book was that i wanted to read it for the second time .This book is written by Gillian Flynn.


It is a novel by Marge piercy and is considered as a classic of Utopian speculative science friction as well as feminist classic . This book clears all the myths regarding feminism and describes its need in the society .


In this self help guide ,Mark cuts through the crap to show how to stop trying to be positive all the time and evolve into a better and happier person . This is a refreshing slap for a generation to help them lead a contented and grounded lives .


It is a romantic fantasy novel and the second book of the Twilight series . It continues the story of Bella and Edward ‘s relationship . This is a deadly combination of romance and suspense with a supernatural power . I in love with the Edward (hehe)


Requiem is my favourite of all times .It marks the life of two best friends seeking for truth ,and both betray each other in some way or other. I had accidentally ordered from @bookthela and ended up loving it , Ofcourse ,Lauren Oliver can do no wrong .


Who doesn't love Murakkami books ? Murakkami is one of the finest authors ever . Norwegian wood is one of his best books .It is an undeniable hip full of love ,innocence and ups and downs of adolescence.


This book is written by Jojo Moyes; it is one of the books of romance that leaves you teary eyed. This book comes with ample amounts of tears and laughter .It is a heart rendering tale of Louisa , a young woman who finds herself in a predicament ; how to convince Will that he has something to live for.

9. The henna artist

The protagonist Lakshmi had a terrible past- a tormenting husband, poor parents who married her off at the age of 15 due to poverty and many more. One day she eloped, leaving behind her woes, to be her own master. Her family was put to shame and everything fell apart, that they had to travel miles to fetch water. But the past is a part of us that forever lingers, neither can  be erased nor forgotten. When she is a few feets away from her fulfilling dream, the "uninvited guest" knocks on her door. She encounters her sister Radha, who she never knew existed. How will lakshmi react? And a final blow, shatters her life and she loses everything she had . Will she be able to start from the scratch or will she give up?

The book talks about the journey of both the sisters , and all the pain they endure. The story highlights casteism, elitism, and all the sufferings a woman faces in her life. Where giving birth to a child is considered virility and otherwise, it is represented as "less of a woman"  that existed back then and still exists in some parts of our country.

10. Murder on the orient Express

The murder on the orient Express'  is a detective novel that features our very own Poirot. The luxurious Orient Express is unexpectedly crowded with passengers from all over the world. It comes into an abrupt halt due to heavy snow and to make things worse, a surly man is found dead in his compartment; stabbed twelve times.

The killer is present in the train and  despite being cut off from the world, Poirot needs to solve this extraordinary case. As he plunges deep into the matter, the case becomes more complex. Every passenger has an alibi to create confusion. Who is lying? Our Poirot  with his 'grey brain cells' finally solves the case which will blow up your mind.

Whenever I read a Christie Novel, I instinctively doubt every one. Because that's how she weaves the story with 'out of the box ' twists. Queen for a reason. The characters are so well portrayed that you won't even doubt anyone or you end up doubting everyone. You can never see the twists coming. And that amazes me. I love everything about her books. The pace, storytelling , characters everything is always on point. She takes you to her world of crimes and you just sit there amused and fully bewitched and then the ending will make you think about it the whole day.

11. Ghachar Gochar


So what exactly is 'Ghachar Ghochar ? Don't worry I will break it down for you. Ghachar Ghochar  means 'tangled beyond repair'. It means a colossal mess so closely entwined that it is almost impossible to fix it. 

Short stories makes me want to cry . Because i don't want things to end. Or , to end so early , to be precise. They make me feel like a five year old kid wanting a second cone of ice cream (which of course is bad for his/her health) . Deep down i know that the beauty lies in ending. Exaggerating or stretching will rip off the essence of the story . At Least that's how I feel about them.

This book awakened that kid in me. My response throughout the story can be best described by the emotions one feels in a romantic relationship. You enjoy, love, smile. You share everything. You feel all breezy and in love. Then one day, you learn new things about them. You feel this will strengthen how you feel; you feel they are opening  up to you. Well that may not be the case. You don't know what happens next. You are unaware of everything that will pop up in your way. And in a few minutes, you realise it was not what you expected. The image of the person you had doesn't match with who they are. Everything around you crumbles . You are awestruck with your mouth gasping for air. The reality unfolds.

Ghachar Gochar is the story of a middle class family who climbs the ladder of fame and money overnight. This, new known , possession turns them into people they find hard to relate to. Where did the wealth come from?  To know , read the book🤩

The book has an essence of desi -ness sprinkled over it adding layers and flavour to the story . You can relate to the situations. You know the struggles . You see or feel them every day.

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