Books to read if you are a bollywood lover






Books to read if you are a bollywood lover

We grew up watching bollywood movies and dancing to the beats of bollywood songs. From veer Zara to love aaj kal we have evolved a lot. But our love for bollywood still remains. 

Who does not love romance? Being a hardcore romance fan who grew up watching DDLJ and all romcom movies, i am a fan of romance novels. LOVE conquers all. Some bookworms even have bookish boyfriends and I am not even kidding.

Romance is a memory. An emotion or a longing memory of a loved one. It can warm your heart and make you feel love. So , i am here to talk about some of the best romance books.

  1. A pleasant Escape

Alok, an UPSC aspirant meets a girl  named Sarah. A novel set in the backdrop of Delhi covers many genres.There are various elements  in the book - thrill, love , guilt , passion and paranormal twists. The book highlights the present scenario of the Kashmir and Turkey riots. It provides a vivid image of the struggle aspirants face and the dilemma in their minds.

The language of the book is lucid and easy. The book is beginner friendly. The plot is gripping and the story telling makes the book more appealing. The ending of the book will blow your mind. It is an interesting read. 

  1. Sunset by the river

The book revolves around Ayaan , his best friend Monisha and his love Tripti. Ayaan is a career oriented person who works in a corporate sector. He meets Tripti ,Monisha 's best friend and eventually falls in love. When he proposes to her , she rejects him leaving him heartbroken. After six months, Tripti goes missing. Where did she go? Is she okay?

The book deals with mental health, love, friendship and agony . The book highlights the impact of mental health and how it is considered a myth. Apart from that, the book is a cliche love story. So if you are looking for a light breezy romance you can definitely pick this up.

  1. Under the mango tree

Under the Mango tree" is the story of Diya, an ambitious girl married off to a misogynist psychopath and a narcissist who 's world revolves around himself. After  18 years of marriage with a tormenting husband , she bumps into her college sweetheart. Will she be able to make a decision? Or will she continue to suffer? 

The book will surely take you on a roller coaster of emotions. The book deals with rigid traditions , patriarchy , love loss and selflessness. The language of the book is so lucid that it will keep you hooked. I am in love with the book and would recommend it to everyone.

  1. Our love story

Aditya, a son of a business tycoon, grew up without parental love. His mother died giving him birth. He suffered from the trauma of his childhood. He was rich, handsome and everyone loved his smile . The female protagonist of the story was a struggling actress who decides to end her life. Aditya saves her and that's how their story begins. Their journey takes you on an exciting ride of love, grief and pain.

The book is a cliche love story perfectly fit for beginners. The language of the book is easy and the narrative is interesting. The author's unique storytelling makes the book more appealing. The pace of the book is normal. You can complete the book in two sittings. I really liked the cover . So brownie points for that. If you are a romance fan, this book is for you. 

I won't be surprised if this book is adapted into a bollywood movie and blows up the box office


These are some of the romance novels written by Indian authors which can pump up your heart with love. Apart from this, you can check out John Green's The fault in our stars, Me before you and many more.

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