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Must read Agatha christie books!

Agatha Christie is rightly known as the Queen of thrillers. Her books are full of wit, mystery and crime. She allows the reader freedom to investigate and immediately turns every guess until the end.

Thrillers always make your jaw drop in awe and take you on an adventure of roller coasters. The gush of adrenaline one feels is impeccable. Thriller books can make you shiver and at the same time leave you blank battling to find the culprit. Thriller is my favourite genre and I am here to recommend to you some of my favourite books of all times. 


'The murder on the orient Express'  is a detective novel that features our very own Poirot. The luxurious Orient Express is unexpectedly crowded with passengers from all over the world. It comes into an abrupt halt due to heavy snow and to make things worse, a surly man is found dead in his compartment; stabbed twelve times.

The killer is present in the train and  despite being cut off from the world, Poirot needs to solve this extraordinary case. As he plunges deep into the matter, the case becomes more complex. Every passenger has an alibi to create confusion. Who is lying? Our Poirot  with his 'grey brain cells' finally solves the case which will blow up your mind.

Whenever I read a Christie Novel, I instinctively doubt every one. Because that's how she weaves the story with 'out of the box ' twists. Queen for a reason. The characters are so well portrayed that you won't even doubt anyone or you end up doubting everyone. You can never see the twists coming. And that amazes me. I love everything about her books. The pace, storytelling , characters everything is always on point. She takes you to her world of crimes and you just sit there amused and fully bewitched and then the ending will make you think about it the whole day.

  1. Mysterious affairs at styles

Stunned, Astounded, Awestruck - the three words that best describe my emotions after reading the book . The mysterious affairs at Styles  is my first christie 's novel and i am already in love with her.

A wealthy lady, Emily Inglethorp is poisoned at Styles. But who killed her ? Her husband? or her step sons? Belgium detective Poriot was called upon to find her murderer.The book unleashes and solves the mystery that hovered over her mysterious death.

One quality of Christie 's writings that separates her book from the rest has to be her enigma that she weaves in every word of hers. She pops in some excellent suspicions  and the next minute, she sets up another riddle that keeps you guessing till the end.

You can never predict the story or a word that will be put in front of you. Every word she pens , is itself a riddle. The more you want to detangle from it the more it pulls you closer. You may think you are climbing a mountain but at the blink of an eye, you end up in a desert or even worse, an ocean. 

oh! how much i love poirot. He has an impeccable knack for mysteries. He is the key to the riddle. The book will trap you at first, swallow you next in those pages and free you at last, that will make you crave for the trap even more✨

  1. Death on the Nile

What is love ? Love is an intense emotion that makes you feel out of the world. Love so intense can make you do anything and it can be dangerous. It belittles your mind and makes you do something unexpected. So what can you do for your loved one? Kill them? Or even worse? And what would you do if you are betrayed by your best friend along with your love ? It's hard when someone does feel or reciprocate your love . And it hurts more if your best friend knocks down the world. 

The story is the tale of Jackie, her best friend Linnet  and her love Simon. Jackie was head over heels with Simon and she trusted her best friend more than anything else. But, Linnet  turns Jackie's world upside down and everything changes. Her love Simon is married to her best friend Linnet. And Linnet died on her honeymoon on her way to the Nile. Who killed her? Our very own, Poriot is present on the boat and he decides to solve the case.

Was it Jackie ? Or someone else? Read the book to know. I really loved the book. Most importantly, I loved Poriot's emotional side.  The characters are well developed and the secrets that unfold makes it more appealing. The book kept me hooked for hours.


Agatha Christie is rightly known as the "Queen of thrillers". Her incredible story telling and turn overs keeps the readers hooked. She allows the reader to choose for her own but turns everything upside down with her wit leaving you wondering about it.

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