Before The Tap Runs Dry






i want to drench myself in life’s chaotic beat,

and smell all the daisies along the path.

i want to compliment the stranger w/ whom i cross the street,

and send the boy i met last summer, a postcard asking him how he’s been.

i want to dance along the boulevard,

and sit by the neon moon.

slowly get out of my house of cards,

and intertwine my soul w/ the ladybugs that come out in june.

i want to bleed tsunamis,

and cough out whirlwinds.

look in the mirror and love all that i see,

despite a lack of symmetry.

i’ve got to get this right,

do more than gaze at the 1am sky.

make my life truly mine,

all of it, before the tap runs dry.

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