Who Am I ?






A few days ago, I lay awake at night

I wondered if I disappeared

Would the stars still shine, would the sun still rise?


If nothing would stop, nothing would seize,

Then who really I am, am I to flow with the breeze?

What is my stance? What is my purpose?


After great thinking and a lot of self-loathing,

A voice inside said to me, it told me:

You breathe not for the stars, not for the sun,

You breathe for yourself, isn’t that enough?

What more purpose? What more stance?

You are an entity of your own, isn’t that grand?

The stars will shine, the sun will rise,

Tomorrow for someone else, but today they are mine.

They do not seize to exist so how can I? .

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  1. suhanasiddika255Nov. 19, 2020, 1:36 p.m.

    Well penned