Admire your presence






Admire your presence.. 

In this world of ruthless race,

In this world of ongoing pace,, 

         Just stop for a while, 

          Let's reduce this burden of pile,, 

Hey! Look at your smile, 

Can't you adore it for somewhile,, 

          I know you have pure heart, 

          Which shouts for rebirth, 

I know your calm face, 

Want a cheerful day away from these harsh race,, 

          I know you sometimes feel sad, 

          Miss all the fun you had,, 

I know, you know, your lies, 

Which you never face in your eyes,, 

         So for a while,

             Let's forget about this world, 

             Forget about lessons we learned,, 

Let's praise the shine of your eyes, 

It's trueness which saves it from lies,, 

        Let's praise the heart for its beat, 

        It's love which is always pure and neat,, 

Let's praise your smile,

Which let you forget your tensions for a while,, 

        Let's praise yourself for who you are, 

        For the golden way that leads you too far,, 

So in this world,

you're the one who decides, 

You're the one who defines, 

         Be your definition, 

         Be your love,....... 💕

Whenever one makes a mindset that he/she is 

losing in this world's race. They try to impress 

someone and achieve a false fame , which never 

goes to far . So firstly be the who care for his/her

own desires, need and achievement.

Never feel worthless, even the darkest colour

"Black" can add mesmerizing change into your

simple art. Always admire your presence and

respect yourself the way you are. 

 Thank you... 💕






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