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Life keeps going and we keep growing. We come across  both sweet and dark phases. Like how we are experiencing this lethal corona phase. In this time period, the whole world went online, and we all ended up with a lot of passwords. So, here in this poem, with the help of passwords, I have tried to depict, how we become mature with time and how this maturity brings with it a lot of responsibilities.

I still remember that dark windy night,

gusty winds playing with my hair,

that stormy sky all blue and white.

At that time, I was 13 year old child,

Totally crazy and wild.

First time ever I took a smartphone in my hands,

and created a password.

@123 were it's last words.

I ran around, round and round,

on that windy night,

Under twinkling stars and calm moonlight.

I was happy, I was curious.

of course, today I stepped in a new world.

And from there started a journey full of passwords,

So full, that I even started to forget the last words.

Although this journey broadened my mind,

but in return it stole that crazy child.

Today I am traversing the whole world,

sitting on my sofa bed.

but somewhere deep,

still missing that heartwarming sunset.

I made a lot of virtual friends,

sitting inside the walls of my room.

I laughed with them, but failed to sense 

their bright eyes turning deep due to gloom.

Today no longer I am in love with these complex passwords.

I want to feel again that will pleasent aroma,

I want to accompany again all those crazy bastards.

So, that's all guys. Hope you enjoyed it.

Bye-Bye 👋

Keep smiling...

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  1. dalbirsingh51273Feb. 10, 2021, 2:44 a.m.


  2. U gave different perception to passwords.. So beautifully written.. Kudos

  3. Nice beta osm writing skill 🙂🙂

  4. Nice beta osm writing skill 🙂🙂🙂🙂