3 Great Self-Help Books To Read in 2021 (Beginner Friendly)






2020 has been life-changing for all of us in myriad ways with the coronavirus breakout and we have all been looking forward to 2021 with a lot of hope in our hearts, believing that it would help us fulfill all those unfinished desires and resolutions we had or made way back at the beginning of the previous year. Although 2020 was a tough time collectively for humankind, it was definitely a year that gave us the luxury of time. There was enough time for all of us to unplug from our social media accounts and get back to reading all those books that we have always wanted to read.  So, as we move towards a new year filled with hope, here are 3 beginner-friendly self-help books that will transform your lives for the better in 2021!

1. The Secret


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is one of the most popular books to inhabit planet earth. Selling thirty-million copies worldwide since its publication in 2006, it is the second most widely translated book on earth succeeding the Bible. The book talks about the power of the subconscious mind and revolves around the idea of how men and women can live the lives they desire by thinking the right thoughts and taking the right actions. According to Byrne, life is nothing but a reflection of one's thoughts, and she says that one can create the life one wants by simply understanding the law of attraction. Byrne also uses the theory of quantum mechanics to substantiate the law of attraction, thus setting this book apart from other self-help books that merely talks about the power of positive thinking without explaining the why! This book definitely promises a good read!

2. The Alchemist                         


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho revolves around the story of a young shepherd boy named Santiago who sets out on a long journey to follow his dream, a recurring dream that revolves around a treasure box located in the Egyptian pyramids. The novel is extremely inspiring as it tells us to follow and fight for our dreams because the heart simply knows what it wants! Although the novel appears to be a modern fable about a shepherd boy on the outside, on the inside, the book is resplendent with hidden pearls of wisdom appearing in the form of dialogues. Coelho very elegantly connects the soul of the boy with the soul of the universe and makes us feel that we are nothing but the universe manifesting in a human form for a short tenure on earth. This book is definitely worth your time and is one book that deserves to be situated at the top-most level of your bookshelf. So what are you waiting for? Just go and read this book!

3. Big Magic

 Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the best-selling novel Eat Pray Love revolves around the idea of living a creative life with a lot of fortitude even in the presence of fear. The book encompasses many values that are needed to live a life completely unique to one's identity. This is one of those must-read self-help books, especially for people who are afraid of following their innermost desires fearing rejection and isolation. Gilbert, through this book, helps people to gain confidence in expressing their authentic selves. She also encourages people to have or create a personality that meets the energy of their souls. This book appeals to both an artistic and scientific soul equally. Gilbert also talks about the importance of ideas and tells readers to take inspired actions rather than actions out of fear. The importance of a growth mindset over a fixed mindset is also given a lot of prominence in this book, thus making it a very fruitful read. 

So, these are some of my book recommendations. I really hope you like them!


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