How to take care of parents if you are NRI






If you are NRI and live abroad for your livelihood, you feel guilty as you can’t take care of your parents even if you wish for something similar. They seek help from their children in their older ages as they become weak physically and mentally.  Visiting them frequently by going to your country is not always possible. On the other hand, some parents don’t want to live with you aboard as they feel comfortable here. They can leave their friends who live in India. They feel lonely and insecure as nobody is with them when they need that care and security.

If you’re going to a similar situation, you can take care of old parents if you are NRI as following:

Your Parents Should Be Healthy Forever

As your parents grow older, they have to face health issues related to their ages. You can look as if they go to routine checkups.  You can ask your family doctor about your parent’s health every month. Keep their contact details on your phone if you need their consultation in emergency cases.  If your parent’s health has worsened or their physical condition is beyond repair due to diseases such as paralysis or Alzheimer’s, you can appoint a nurse at a home. You can take feedback about your parent’s health to that nurse by daily/weekly video calls.


Your Parents Needs Entertainment

Watching TV and reading books is not enough for your parents. They want to break their loneliness, and they want the company of people of the same age. You can arrange tickets to movies, plays, sports, art shows, cultural shows, Classical Music concerts. You can inquire about nearby amusement parks, Nana-Nani Parks, and seminars. You can organize an online reunion of their friends via video conferencing.


Care about Their Money

You can ask about their financial needs. Check out their banking details if anything suspicious happens to their accounts.  If they face difficulties paying utility bills, you can pay them. You should pay their tax if they are unable to do so. You can put a particular amount in their bank accounts for their needy situations. As you take care of old parents if you are an NRI, Their financial security is very important. 

Security Comes First

You can deploy the security guard for them. Also, you can get feedback from the secretary of their colony about their safety.  You should look out for Police verification of house helpers, security guards, and in-house nurses before appointing them. You can send the details of your parents to a nearby police station. Ask your parents to keep security alarms or apps in the home.

Complete Their Loneliness

Your parents want just a light conversation to fill their loneliness and emptiness. Communication is a better solution to all worries. Take a break from your busy schedule and talk to your parents for two hours. You can arrange video calls at a particular time. You can ask if they are feeling good. Ask them about their health, routine checkups, and financial conditions. Ask them if they feel difficulties in their lives. Share their worry and problems with you.  Arrange a light party with your children with them via video conference. You can talk about the sweet memories of your childhood with them. You can seek advice and suggestions from your parents about your current issues. They will share their insights as they had a long term experience of their life.

So, to take care of your old parents if you are an NRI is a very easy task, if you give your little time and little effort to your parents.


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