Best Exercises for Upper and Middle Back Pain






Back pain is common thesedays among people of all ages. Lower back pain is more prevalent as compared to upper and middle back pain. According to experts, the reason for lower back pain is poor support received from other bones or muscles in that area. The lower part of our body gets the support of the backbone alone. That's why it bears more pressure as compared to the upper portion of our body. The matter becomes more severe with aging. Seeing the importance of this problem, we will discuss the following topics in this article:

1- Reasons for back pain

2- Exercises for back pain

3- Back Pain Physiotherapy Mullingar

Reasons for Back Pain

There is more than one reason for back pain. Some of the top reasons are as follows:


As one grows older, back pain prevalence increases. Muscles and bones also get older, and their support weakens with time.

Excessive pressure

Excessive pressure on the backbone also cause back pain.

Bone fracture

Fracture in the backbone and other bones surrounding it also results in back pain.

There are many other causes for this, including overburden of the backbone, Herniated disks, and strain on the muscles.

Exercises for back pain

Upper Back Pain Physiotherapy in Mullingar very popular way to deal with back pain. According to Back Pain Physiotherapy Mullingar, the following exercises are best to tackle back pain. These exercises are easy to do at home.

One-arm Dumbbell Row

It is very easy to do exercise to deal with back pain. You only need a smooth table and a weighted dumbbell for this exercise. First, you need to place one leg on the table and bend your trunk and make it parallel with the ground. In the next step, place your hand at the other end of the table and lift the dumbbell with your other hand. Now, keep your trunk static and pull the dumbbell. Do not forget to keep your arms closer to your body. Keep breathing and exhaling while pulling the dumbbell. Four sets of eight are recommended for each side.

Face Pull

Another basic exercise to do at home. Take a resistance strap and tighten it somewhere in a stable manner. Grasp both ends of the strap with your hands. Now,pull the strap towards your face while you must stretch your elbows outside. Make sure to balance the load on both shoulders. To achieve the best results, do four sets of eight every day.

Reverse dumbbell fly

This exercise is highly recommended for upper back pain. For this exercise, you just require lightweight dumbbells. Bend your torso at a 45-degree and hang your arms while you are standing. Now, leave your neck free and your eyes down while your hands lift the weight towards the sides and up. Make sure to lift the equal weight on both shoulders. Do four sets of eight to get good results.


This exercise is good for middle back pain. During this exercise, you need to lay on the floor while your neck staysneutral. Now, lift your legs and arms off the ground at the same time and stretch them as much as possible. This exercise will use your back and glute muscles. It is recommended to do four sets of eight for this exercise.

Chair Rotation

Chair rotation is another simple exercise for back pain. As the name depicts, you need a chair to perform the exercise. Sit on the chair sideways while your left side should be leaning on the back of the chair. Now keep your legs static and rotate your torso to the left and stretch your arms to touch the backside of the chair. Keep your upper body stable and stretch your arms as much as possible. This exercise is going to relax your muscles and reduce stress on them. Don't forget to take a few seconds’ breaks after each set and change the side. Do it three times on both sides.

Knee to Chest

This exercise is very suitable for lower back pain. Nothing special is required to complete this exercise. You only need to lay with your back on the floor. Now, try to bend your leg and take it to your chest. Keep your leg in this position for a few moments and then relax it. You can also perform this exercise using both legs together. Perform this exercise at least four times on each leg.

Wall Angle

Wall angle is an excellent exercise for the neck, shoulders, and upper back. In this exercise, you need to stand with your back touching a wall. You may need to move your feet away from the wall to completely adjust your back against the wall.

Now, stretch your arms to perform a "T" pattern against the wall. After that, twist your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Slowly start moving your arms up and down, make sure to keep your arms against the wall. After touching your head with fingers, bring your arms to starting position and repeat it at least ten times in a set. Up to 3 sets are recommended.

The Final Words

Before any exercise, you need to warm up with some simple exercises. Start any exercise after consulting with upper back pain Physiotherapy in Mullingaror with your physician because the back is the sensitive part of your body. You can treat your back pain at home through some of the exercises listed above.


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