How to motivate yourself in 5 seconds






How to motivate yourself in 5 seconds?

Whenever we start a new thing or a new process, our brain says no and tells it’s not our kind of business, so come out of it. No worries, it is nothing but a lack of motivation. The simple technique to overcome such starting trouble is to apply the 5-second rule.

What makes it more interesting in the 5 Second Rule?

Motivation is the only key that pushes us toward success. It is the habit of converting pessimism to optimism. “Taking the first step is the starting point of success” but before taking that step, Fear eats our optimism. So, first, understand – what fear means. It is a “False exaggerated appearance of reality. Keep you aside and feel when you start well, your job is half done.

Imagine, a lady named Melba and she is completely worried about her body weight which was 105 kilograms and her husband’s wholesale business was not up to the mark. Her family was at strain and felt very bad about the life they lead. Even she wants to go to work, but her alarming weight makes it reluctant to do so.

One day, she was about to see on the television, NASA launching its rocket with a countdown 5, 4,3,2,1 and rocket launches to reach its goal fearlessly. This incident turns her mind in a massive way of applying the countdown 5, 4,3,2,1 rules in all her deals.

Melba thinks of doing exercise early in the morning. But, whenever her alarm rings at 5 AM, She simply touches the snooze button and sleeps again like many of us. But, after inheriting the rule of 5 seconds -She started saying 5, 4,3,2,1, and wake up like a rocket for the next day’s alarm. She adapted the rule in all her deals of daily tasks, job hunt, etc., You won't believe, in the next 3 months, she attained the goal weight loss to 85kgs and working hard to reduce it more. She teaches the art of the 5-second rule to her husband too and as a result, his wholesale business turned out to be a huge success and her family started flying in the air.

Thus the equation of the 5-second rule emerges to the whole world and if we apply it in whatever task may be a simple or a harder one, this rule pierce into the sky like a rocket. Motivation can be determined from 2 major principles as stated below:

External locus of control where we always believe in the external factors like he/ she will do it for me, my bad time, I don’t have enough money to start a business, etc.,

Internal locus of control where we believe we can do it ourselves, plan the right time to start a business by getting ready with the funds required to do so.

From this, we can identify, we must be a person of internal locus of control to win the challenges of life.

Thus, we can confirm, the 5-second rule is an integral part of the instant motivation.

“If you can’t do, who can do?”

5, 4,3,2,1…

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