You Can Know Yourself Better Just By This Simple Activity!






Knowing and understanding one self is undoubtedly one of the hardest things in life. Years go by and some people still question who they are and how they can make the most of everything. Johari Window is a technique that helps people understand their relationship with one self and the people around them. This model by American psychologists Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham was created to enhance an individual's perception of themselves and how they think others might perceive them. 

In the Johari Window Model, someone picks a number of adjectives from a list, choosing ones they feel describe their own personality. The subject's peers then get the same list, and each picks an equal number of adjectives that describe the subject. These adjectives are then inserted into a two-by-two grid of four cells. Two of these cells/panes represent self and the other two represent the part unknown to self but known to others. The information transfers from one pane to the other as the result of mutual trust which can be achieved through socializing and the feedback got from other members of the group.


1. Open/self-area or arena – Here the information about the person: their attitudes, behaviour, emotions, feelings, skills and views will be known by the person as well as by others. This is mainly the area where all the communication occur and the larger the arena becomes, the more effective the relationship will be. 

2. Blind self or blind spot – This pane contains information about a person that others know in a group know but that person will be unaware of. Others may perceive you differently than what you expect. The blind spot is reduced for an efficient communication through seeking feedback from others. 

3. Hidden area or façade – This pane has the information that is known to a person but will be kept unknown from others. This can be any personal information which a person feels reluctant to reveal. This includes feelings, past experiences, fears, secrets etc. Humans keep a lot of their feelings and information as private as it affects the relationships and thus the hidden area must be reduced by moving the information to the open areas for an effective and productive relationship with others.

4. Unknown area – The Information which is unaware to oneself as well as others. This includes feelings, capabilities, talents etc. This can be due to traumatic past experiences or events which can be unknown for a lifetime. The person will be unaware of this information till they discover their hidden qualities and capabilities or thorough observation of others. Open communication is also an effective way to decrease the unknown area and thus to communicate effectively.

Johari Window has proven to be very effective in psychology and it really does improve your life. I also do this time to time and this technique further helps people when they reflect or introspect on themselves. 

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