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The Supreme Court once again made the country clear that it is not treason to have a separate view from the government. The court on Wednesday not only rejected the petition filed against former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah, but also imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the petitioner.

The petition demanded that the Abdullah's comment abou article 370 is treason, so action should be taken against him. It is worth noting that the bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hemant Gupta did not even consider this petition worth hearing.

The court's point of view is that treason is a serious charge, which should be applied very carefully to someone. The police themselves register most of the treason cases in their country, but such a need was not felt in the case of Farooq Abdullah, yet the petitioner resorted to the Supreme Court and was justified. In a country where crores of cases are pending in the courts, there is a need to think carefully about the country before such a waste of any court time.

Not just civil society of any civilized country, but governments should also be sensitive to contrary views and opposition. This increases the beauty of democracy. This country remembers the Emergency period again and again, because even then the expression was disrespected. Those who were opponents of the government at that time a  very strong action was taken against them.

Today, if Congress leader Rahul Gandhi says on the question asked about the Emergency that it was indeed a mistake, what had happened, had gone wrong, then its implications are deep. If economist Kaushik Basu asked questions about the emergency, then it is no surprise. The intolerance introduced by the government at that time, its successors are still besieged to this day. The country is not able to forget the tenacity of the then government today even after 43-44 years, so it is a lesson for all the governments of the country.

There is a lot of power in power, a harsh decision is possible by arbitrary or majority, but what the common people think about such entities is more important and worth knowing. 

If there was no emergency, then every party should think about how bright it would have been for Indira Gandhi and the Congress. Expressions in the country have become very vocal and aggressive due to the emphasis of information media.

Our governments should take the country forward with much thought. Especially big leaders should be more careful about their comments. The courteous expression given by keeping his charge and emotions under control is no less than serving the society and the country today. It is necessary to guide those who have started showing furiousness even on the smallest things.

Efforts should be made to educate people about the extent to which protest is possible and from where treason begins. Everyone has freedom of expression in the country, but its meaning is only when one realizes his duties towards the society and the country.

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